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Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R


Build in a Bridge to the other softwares to stream line editing the mesh and point cloud back and forth. Perhaps even during scans whilst its paused, to delete unwanted points then being able to continue the scan. Also perhaps a bridge into Blender aswell from Studio or Scan once the mesh has been created.

Also GPU utilisation

Plus in the mesh creation options could there be some type of preview for the mesh quality and denoise options before finalisation.


Version Number: [Windows]Revo_Scan_for_win_v4.0.1.20220417b

1 - Possibility to connect 2 or more pop (Pop1 or pop2) to the Revo Scan Software, this would make it possible to perform a faster body scan in a studio with a turntable for example, and capture a pose, the point cloud montage could be simultaneously in the same cloud or each of them generate a new point cloud and then perform the combination to generate a single point cloud.
2 - A development SDK like Microsoft makes available for Kinect.


@mitchellklingler I was thinking the same thing. being able to set up an array would be amazing, similar what they do with a bunch of small satellite dishes to make a virtual gigantic one.

I’ve only had my pop2 for about a week. I’ve been reading as much as I can on here, watching videos and trying techniques myself.

So a couple suggestions from a novice perspective.

A lot more attention needs to be focused on area and surface preparation and how this relates to good scans. It seems to be the biggest Factor for getting good scans. So I would suggest that rev point focuses more attention on this aspect by providing better marker point stickers, maybe revpoint branded 3D spray, maybe providing some kind of drop cloth in the kit that that is infrared and visible ( black garbage bag material)

Maybe the option for a more robust tripod that has the ability to crank up and down the camera height smoothly.

Providing some clear plastic stands and/or props kit or include some with the premium edition for putting smaller objects on that the infrared won’t pick up on.

Including an area in the case where you can park your AAA batteries from the turntable. I really do not like storing products with batteries in them.

A on and off switch on the USB cable would be great.

Also being able to array these products so you can get them out that would hold four of these scanners let’s say and and it would help somebody cover larger components faster and likely with better tracking.

All in all ive enjoyed this product so far and I’m having fun learning all this. Here’s a link of my experience to date.


Another idea would be having a infrared thermal imaging camera also built into the system so we can layer thermal data in as well as texture and cloud point.

Maybe a FLIR Lepton sensors.

Similar to the one that’s built into my blackview phone

A layer of thermography built into this 3D system would sure be cool.

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In Revo Scan the Play button has the “Space bar” as a keyboard shortcut.

Would it be possible to add keyboard shortcuts to Revo Scan for the Fuse, Mesh and Texture buttons?


In RevoScan, on the New Scan dialog, have an option to switch to Advanced mode where the user could choose actual values for Accuracy and Scan Mode instead of PreSets.


*Version Number: Revo_Studio_for_win_v3.

*Suggestion: When aligning point clouds, allow editing of the floating cloud before aligning. At the moment if you have multiple scans with data that is not needed, you have to load each one individually in to RevoStudio, cut the unneeded data out and then save them all out before floating them.

Version Number: iOS RevoScan 1.0.4


  1. When viewing generated mesh, be able to zoom in/out using 2 fingers.
  2. Be able to export project data/scan point data for further editing in RevoStudio.
  3. In project list, show the image of mesh instead of RevoScan icon. It’s even better to let users do the screen capture and replace the RevoScan icon in project list.
  4. Able to rename project.
  5. When viewing mesh, able to toggle to show vertices/tri counts.
  6. When viewing mesh, able to toggle the scale of bounding box (like 20cm x 40cm x 80cm)
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Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.1.417

Suggestion: the possibility do delete parts of the origin point cloud before combine or mesh

Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.1.417

  1. manual alignment within the process (ahead of the automated one).
  2. option to remove unwanted parts in the cloudpoint.
  3. option to turn-off the scanner at any time.
  4. possibility to add more scanner then one to be able to scan bigger objects at once
  5. combination or integration of the software with the slider project (seen at instructables.com)

Just received my POP 2 today and here are the things that I believe would make this an even better product.

Portable Turntable.

Please find a way to make the assembled tray fit on the turntable at the center. As is it is a struggle every time you assemble the tray to get it to center on the turntable. This can be achieved by either using an adapter or creating and indentation on the bottom of the tray itself in order to fit the turntable.

  • Make the Turntable device visible to the RevoScan app in order to be able to control it from there.

  • Add the option to turn the turntable on and off.

  • Add controls to adjust the turn speed of the turntable.
    (All the above can be achieved either on the USB cable, via another cable coming off the turntable or via
    the software (when connected).)

Mobile Version - iOS 15.4.1 - RevoScan 1.0.4

  • Access the LiDAR sensors of a phone to complement the scan from the device
  • Access the cameras of a phone to complement the scan from the device
  • Add a file size indicator either on the scans browser or on the scan view itself.
  • Display the batter life icon, with percentage on the app while using the app.
  • Add an option to silence the phone while scanning. You don’t want to receive a call in the middle of scanning.
  • Add an option to open the model’s location on the phone.
  • There is no share model option. Please Add one.

Fix a bug that stops the scan midway for no reason and asks to merge. Happened multiple times with different models on different frames. When not stopping the scan it continues without problem, so it doesn’t hit a limit that will cause the prompt.

Desktop Version - Windows 11 RevoScan

  • Make the 3D view navigation similar to industry standard controls, like on Maya, Unreal Engine etc.
  • Add an option to export directly to RevoStudio
  • Allow users to assign/edit keyboard shortcuts.
  • Add an on off toggle for the scanner.
  • Add an on off toggle for the turntable.
  • Add an option to adjust the rotation of the turntable.
  • Add better and more detailed tool-tips for each function.
  • The Settings Icon is not recognizable at a glance. You could use one with better contrast.
  • In the New Scan pop up window, you have an information icon for the various modes, add the same to the Accuracy and Texture sections, explaining what each setting does. More user friendly for new users.
  • Custom Settings, There seems to be no way to save custom settings. Unless I’ve missed something in the manual.
  • After stopping a scan. Fuse the point could immediately? - Make the software remember the last choice we made, having to turn it off every time is not user friendly.
  • Mesh Button - Mesh Settings. It would be nice to have an immediate estimation of the tris count while selecting Mesh Quality.

Pop 2 3D Scanner

Add a switch to turn of the scanner. Since it boots up I assume it needs to shut down as well, instead of suddenly cutting the power supply to it.
Make the scanner got to standby mode if the software isn’t scanning anything.
Add a sensor to compensate for black surfaces, or tap into a connected phone’s sensors if possible.

App connectivity.

Create plugins/bridges from both RevoScan and RevoStudio to the most commonly used software out there, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema4D etc but mostly Blender.

That’s all for now.

Version Number: [Windows]Revo_Scan_for_win_v4.0.1.20220417b
First of all, the product is nice but the software has some quirkiness issues. I try to think about issues that may not be hard to fix

  1. Ability to pause scan by frame number or in second this will greatly help in turntable mode not to over scan
  2. Can Mirror screen to phone but with the mobile UI. I think to mirror screen can be done with 3rd party but would be great with mobile UI or through mobile Revo scan. Maybe pop/phone with usb+wifi or usb+usb.
  3. Play button on pop press hold to turn off.
  4. New scan show each mode with distance and recommendation next to it instead of just head, face, and body
  5. Model list add a tiny thumbnail in each roll and remove “more” tab but right-click to show more operation and ability to delete in multiple selections
  6. Removed revopoint bar on the left screen but utilize blank space and no shifting camera bar it should stay in the same position no switch right to left. here my quick note
  7. Add customize material or color in non-color scan