REVOPOINT 3D SCANNER POP2 - unboxing and first scan - POP2 vs EINSCAN SE vs POP1

I received the new Revopoint 3D scanner a few days ago: the POP 2 (thanks to the Revopoint team and special thanks to Cassie).

I state that I was an enthusiastic backer of POP 1 and I immediately appreciated its innovative features, and put it in my professional kit. I work professionally in the conservation and restoration of works of art and my specialization is in the restoration of ancient sculptures. The experimentation and application of 3D technologies in the context of my professional activity have become increasingly present, becoming an integral part of it, together with the more traditional tools, in my personal “toolbox”.

In this forum I was able to present some of my applications, examples and tests of the POP 1 scanner. I also carried out a comparative test with the Einscan SE 3D scanner (see the related post)
and another with the Creality CR SCAN 01 3D scanner (see the related post).

The same day that I received the POP 2 I thought of performing a test scan of a sculpture, for this test I used the same one I had scanned for the “POP 1 vs Einscan SE” test.


In the images you can see the contents of the package I received:

It is a complete set, with also the turntable.

In the photo the set prepared for the scan of the sculpture:

I liked the build quality of the scanner (solid metal) and also the accessories:

Tripod with gopro type one-button quick installation

Turntable - can be used both with batteries (therefore no power cable) and with the USB cable, supplied, which can be used by connecting it to a USB port on the computer, or with a smartphone power supply, or with a powerbank

Phone holder

Photographich handle with powerbank

All connection cables for the scanner

In using the Handy Scan application, I appreciated the fluidity of the acquisition (the frame rate increased to 10fps is appreciated and also the enhanced built-in cpu -now dual core with NPU- present in the scanner that processes the acquired 3D data)

To be able to compare the quality of the scan with POP 2, I performed the acquisition of the sculpture using the turntable as in the previous test.

Also, I set the scan quality to maximum accuracy.

The scan was carried out by placing the sculpture vertically and the scanner mounted on the tripod at the distance that allowed me to scan in “Excellent” mode

After the first full rotation, I stopped the scan and raised the scanner (using the telescopic extension of the tripod), then I resumed the scan.

Lastly, I performed the merging of the points (in “high precision” mode it takes a little more time than “fast scan”) and then exported the “point cloud” in PLY format.

I processed the file obtained with Handy Studio to obtain the mesh. Finally, I applied the “smooth” command to the mesh thus obtained, and then saved the mesh obtained.

Below I present the result that I can define amazing:

In the following images the comparison with the scans of the same sculpture made with EINSCAN SE and POP1:

Schermata 2021-12-10 alle 19.00.22

In the near future I will carry out other tests that I will present here in the forum

(small objects, dark objects, freehand scan, textured color scan,

comparison test with Creality CR SCAN 01 and I hope much more)

See video (REVOPOINT 3D SCANNER POP2 - unboxing and first scan - POP2 vs EINSCAN SE vs POP1 - - YouTube)

3D model

Buy POP 2 here:


hi… thank you for the comparison…

it looks hard to differentiate between SE and POP2…
but I don’t know what it is… the POP2 seem more detailed or it is just noise…?

And how many points cloud/triangle from both…?

Hi nicolausadi
the number of points of the model created for the POP2 is higher than that of the Einscan SE (2000000 vs 1600000)
The distance of the points (nominal), in the case of the POP2 is 0.15 mm, against 0.17 mm ~ 0.2 mm of the Einscan SE. The surface of the sculpture is not smooth but quite wrinkled (see the photo I inserted now of the sculpture)

thank you @dfodaro …it is a clear explanation…

I’m impatient for my pop 2…

you are welcome!
ps I added a detail (enlarged) of the eye and the corresponding part of the 3D model

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Absolutely impressive! Thanks for the work you put into this study. I love my POP as well as the POP II!

thanks for the appreciation (more case studies coming from me) I really think POP 2 has raised the bar.

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Thank you for this input. The results are really impressive especially as you have access to an Einscan SE to make the comparison.
I have a number of scanners including the Revopoint One and the results from the Revopoint are far better than the other scanners I have.
The whole content of your post is the sort of forensic detail that makes me really pleased that I have again supported the POP project and I am really looking forward to the roll out of the POP2.

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Thank you for appreciation
The POP 2 has a remarkable quality, very interesting features and versatility of use that make it an instrument that can be used in different areas.

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