[Winner Announced] [Recruitment] Early Bird Wanted! Apply to be the first to test POP2!

Hi @WilliamB

Here is the Beta2 version with Mac USB connection: [Oct 26, 2021] The Beta2 version of Handy Scan for Mac

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Hey Cassie. I am aware of the beta version hence why i stated: “You haven’t even fully solved the mac version of the first pop yet!” Finally providing buggy software along side the version 2 of this product is insulting to say the least. You blamed it on strict apple guidelines for adding the usb code but this is not even an official release through the app store so a lot of red tape on that aspect was cut and this could of been done long ago.

Im even afraid to ask when usb will be available to iphone so i can actually use this for how you marketed it, portable. I didnt back this to chain it to my desk to scan my keyboard and mouse. Do i have to wait till pop 3 to be announced before iphones get the usb feature? I backed this product based on revopoint stating it will work with apple devices. Yet pc users have gotten all the love. By the time i get to really even use this thing it will be obsolete or most likely unsupported.

Applied, looking forward to hopefully working with you in the future.

I would like to be Early Bird, Applied

APPLIED for the early bird tester on kickstarter

You can’t get pop 1 to work and now your coming out with a pop 2?
Get one to work and iPhone rig before you move on!!!

Applied. Would be interesting to compare the improvements. Point cloud, meshes, sunlight performance, as well as texture creation.

Applied. Would love to see the improvements you made to the revo pop. Would love it if you added an internal battery so we could use a true handheld experience with a mobile phone (and not all the wires to hook it up to a battery pack).

Still wants 20 characters minimum


I would be very happy to test the Pop2.

Applied for the POP2 scanner, would love to test it.

Applied, i applied for the chance to test your new POP2.

Applied I look forward to having a chance to test this new scanner out. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t gotten a single usable scan out of mine because of how far behind the software is. I guess some people have been able to get it to work, but my PC is much too slow to keep up with the data and the Mac version only recently got preliminary USB support. Use over wifi has been a complete loss.

I do think there’s going to be a bunch of people that are going to be upset that they aren’t even bothering to finish what they started with the POP before directing resources at its replacement. Presumably most of the software work they’re doing will work on the next device, but still it sucks watching all the contests without the units even functioning properly for a chunk of the audience.

Success? We still don’t have a working set up for Mac users. It does seem that some people are having luck, but it seems a bit premature to be planning a successor when there are so many customers with the current version that are without a working unit.

Applied. Working with the beta version of Handy for mac wired and it’s working great so far. no disconnects.

Applied, looking forward to seeing what the improvements would be in the new scanner

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Applied. Looking forward to compare it with POP

Have a nice day all :slight_smile:

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