[Winner Announced] [Contest] Share Your Best Showcase and Win A POP Gift Box for FREE

Dear Users,

Winner announced now!!!

This is our first contest in this forum. We’re grateful for your active participation, so we prepared a Surprise gift for all of you. Hope you can feel our sincerity.

Congratulations again to all the winners!

@Evgen @Momomoy_3D @Ivan @raffaelemassaro @Nebulus @JeffLindstrom @Neosephiroth @SenbeiNorimaki @Kaldkaffisauen @AndreasS @Rapterron @swirlingbrain @fpierron @Sainter @Sheeter

Please send an email to forum@revopoint3d.com within 7 days to claim your prize.

We will have new contest soon, please stay tuned!


Thank you so much for backing our project and joining this official forum!!!

After more and more users receiving the POP, we are so glad to see that many of you shared your showcases (scan results) with other users and us. To express our gratitude, we decided to host this contest.


**First Prize (*1): Revopoint POP 1 + Turntable 1 + 1000 markers

**Second Prize (3): Auto Turntable for POP 1 + 1000 markers

**Third Prize (10): 1000pcs Markers 1

Participation Prize: $10 No-threshold Coupons on Revopoint Shop

How to participate?

Step One: Register an account and log in to the forum. (Most of you had finished)

Step Two: Upload your best showcase to https://sketchfab.com with the title “XXX by Revopoint POP (stl or obj)”.

Step Three: Reply to this post with the Sketchfab link of your showcase.


(1) Your title at Sketchfab MUST include “by Revopoint POP .

(2) After you uploaded the model on Sketchfab, better add the product size and more details in the description area.

Who can win?

The top 14 comments with the most likes will be the final winners.
(Note: it means the number of “likes” on your reply under this contest post as below image, not the “likes” on Sketchfab)

Other participants will get $10 No-threshold coupons.

How to get more likes?

(1) You can add your post link in the description area of Sketchfab and get more likes from others.

(2) You can send this post link to your family or friends and invite them to click like for you.

Contest Period:

June 10-30, 2021

Winner Announcement:

July 5th, 2021


  1. Each ID/profile is entitled to ONE entry.

  2. All entries must be your original work made by POP.

  3. Posts or comments with pornography or politics are prohibited and deleted once found. Besides, the ID will be banned.

  4. Revopoint will bear the shipping cost, while the winners need to cooperate to make the customs clearance and pay tax.

  5. Any changes can be made to this contest without prior notice.

  6. Revopoint has the right to choose all the winners, and the decision will be final and binding.

Notice: All Participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

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This is a template for your reference:

Sample Model:



Sleeping Dragon


testa di cavallo by Revopoint Pop


Australian Shepherd Dog “Diego” by Revopoint POP


Here’s a scan I did.



wooden dragon sculpture, 45cm big. Used decimation function in ZBrush to reduce polygon amount to 500k without affecting appearance, because of upload limitation on sketchfab.


Dolphin jumping. Small wood souvenier from holiday in Bali. My first scan using the Revopoint Pop. 10cm x 8.5cm x 8.1cm


Scan of a 3D printed model of the Tree Friend by @bazavanjohn available for free at myminifactory made with my Revopoint Pop 3D scanner.
Model size: H105xW84xD95mm


This a sculpture world wide known as La Bocca della verità. You can see it at Roma, Italia, on the wall of the church Santa Maria in Cosmedin. The legend says : put you hand into the mouth, tell the truth, otherwise La Bocca will bite your hand. Who wants to try out?
I scanned a reproduction. The circumference is about 22 cm. Done in one shot with yellow light.
Enjoy and tell the truth : you like it ! :wink:


A toy of ASIMO HONDA humanoid robot.


Hello! Vote me! =)

This is an aroma lamp. The head of the Buddha. Height 14 cm. The radius is 12 cm. Ceramics. The surface is completely black and slightly glossy.

Inside there is a place for a candle. On the scan, the hole is not completely closed.


Keramic bird of about 13cm tall.
Part of the body was reflective thus making it hard to scan, I had to use some scanning spray for these parts,

  • Scanned it with the Revopoint POP using a manual turntable,
  • Repositioning the object twice to get all parts
  • Indoor
  • Face mode


:joy: gonna print this one

I scanned an old egyptian souvenir - a wooden camel. The figurine has dimensions of about 22cm/20cm/7cm. For scanning I used feature mode and a manual turntable, at later stage I also increased the gain to capture dark leather elements. I made 5 scans in total which I then merged in Handy Studio, the resulting mesh had some noise so I fixed the affected areas in Meshmixer. The scanner also didn’t capture the thin strips so I readded them in Blender. Anyway the result’s below.


Here’s my best result, so far. It took 10 separate scans (9 on a turntable and 1 handheld to get some difficult areas under the right wing).


The instructions above say to upload to Sketchfab - you’ll need to make an account - then you’ll have a 3D embed code.