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The Showcase Contest will be over in just 5 days, so be sure to vote for your favorites at (even if it’s not mine)!


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It doesn’t make any sense. The leader holds a gap of strictly 10 likes from the second place. It looks like some kind of script.

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Thank you for pointing that out. Seems rigged to me, too, though maybe I shouldn’t say anything because I am a contestant, too. No chance anyway. But I honestly don’t understand why a dead simple scan of a robot toy with mostly straight and flat surfaces is going to be the winner by an uncatchable lead, while great and complex scans like the two dragons get about a tenth of those votes.

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I don’t know how he could do that, but I ran a simple test; I voted for the Aroma Lamp. Now, we just have to check back in a bit to see if the tally for the Asimo increments.


Now the current gap is up to 11.
That, and I still think it’s shady that such a simple and unsophisticated scan gets so many “likes”, especially compared to others.

It seems likely that he inveigled his friends to sign up, vote, then disappear. A review of the people who ‘liked’ the post will probably reveal that most of them are not regular members of the forum.

Not exactly illegal as the purpose of this contest is to expand the visibility of the Revopoint POP, not to elect a President or anything. Truth be told, I thought of doing the same thing, but decided against asking my friends to go through the steps of signing up knowing that they would not be participating.


Right, suspecting a high-end automatical cheat obviously was too much credit given :grin:
In fact, one can see who exactly liked a post, by clicking on the “show more” button (three dots). It really appears that most of the voters for the robot toy paid exactly one visit, liked exactly one post, and maybe read a few.
I am glad to see that the people who liked my contribution (and yours) are actually people who are active in this forum, and not just a crowd of “votes”.


Hi @JeffLindstrom @Evgen @Eldkatten

Thanks for participating in the showcase contest. Every participant can win a prize this time.

According to the rule, if a participant invites his/her family/friends to like his/her showcase result, that’s ok. Because we do hope our users can share their showcase to more people.

BUT, if any participant use other methods to make “false” entry/result/votes - (such as making multiple accounts or sth else), the participation will be disqualified.

Besides, we will have many contests in the future, and I will keep improving the rules. Please stay tuned.

Best Regards