[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about POP

1. Accuracy and Principle

How accurate is POP?

A: The POP can output up to 0.3mm accuracy.

What`s the resolution?

A: 64000 points per frame.

Why is the accuracy of POPhigher than Others?

What’s the principle of POP adopted?

Why is POP better than photogrammetry (free) with phone / camera + software, and scanner made from Kinect, Realsense and Lidar?

A: The POP adopts dual camera + unique microstructured light technology, which can output a much higher precision accuracy and obtain good details, very easy to use. However, the photogrammetry scanning process is very time-consuming and has low accuracy. Similarly, the model obtained by kinect has almost no details. Pop is the first consumer-grade price, professional-grade data 3D scanner.

You can download our models from Sketchfab at Revopoint3d (@Revopoint3d) - Sketchfab and view more videos on our YouTube channel to check the accuracy and details.

Could you please describe how does the quality compare with iPhone’s LIDAR?

A: POP has higher accuracy than LIDAR, we are more professional, please refer to the models POP scanned at Revopoint3d (@Revopoint3d) - Sketchfab

So on pop’s product page it says that the accuracy is 0.3mm, what is that referring to? Like the smallest detail that it can scan or is the dimensional accuracy of the scan to the actual product? On the cr-scan 01’s product page it lists an accuracy of 0.1mm and a resolution of 0.5mm and haven’t heard back from them yet about what those specifications mean.

What is the resolution of the depth sensor?

A: The depth camera resolution is 1280×800.

Is the 0.3mm resolution achievable?

A: Yes, POP could reach each parameter we promised.

What’s the smallest item you were able to scan successfully?

A: POP could scan the object around 30 x30 x30(mm), please refer to the small object scanning at Revopoint POP Object Scan 8, Scan small objects - YouTube

Can I obtain a better scanning result if I scan more frames?

A: No. Scanning repeatedly can’t help the accuracy, only a closer scan distance can improve it.

Is there a limit on how many frames that I can scan/take to get a better quality model?

A: No. Scanning one round at one part of the objects will get a better result. But the scan frames differ from objects. The larger the object is, the more frames it probably needs.

Is there a fully manual mode in the software? Like a mode where I can change various settings in order to try to get the best possible model that the pop is capable of?

A:No. For parameters adjusting, it’s Anto first, then Manual. There is no fully manual mode.

W hat’s the function of GRB and Home buttons?

A: RGB is for reviewing color/no-color models;

Home is for backing model in the middle of the center window.

Is there any way to increase the resolution of the much smaller object, like Hi-res mode?

A: Now, we do not suggest users to scan objects smaller than 50x50x50mm. For more high-precision requirements, we will update our new product.

Why does the spec. present the minimum size restriction?

A: The minimum size means that you can obtain a good result at that size. It does not mean you can scan nothing for objects below 50mm, it means you cannot get good details from a smaller object, but it is OK to get a general shape. Please refer to our small objects scanning at Revopoint POP Object Scan 8, Scan small objects - YouTube

2. Speed/Frame Rate

How’s the scanning speed?

A: The Frame rate is the 8 Hz, 8 (FPS) frame per second. And this speed could be reached in the PC with the lowest configuration i5 and 4G RAM.

Does POP have requirements to a PC

A: NO. POP has no additional requirements for your PC.

For running smoothly, what PC can I pick up?

A: POP asks i5/Windows 8 and above.

3. RGB

What is the RGB on the lower right corner of Handy Scan?

A: To check color model/ no-color model;

Does it produce color 3D model?

A: Yes, POP with a 2M RGB camera, capturing the vivid color and export texture model.

What the resolution of RGB Camera?

A: POP is with a 2Mega RGB camera, 2 megapixels.

Will it be possible to export frames from the color data? Extra points if it also saves photo position in 3d space.

A: No, it doesn’t support to save the frames of color data. You can export a 3D model with color. If you export a 3D file with texture, it will have a texture file and a 3D file.

4. Model files:

What is the output file?

A: you can output files in Stl, ply (with color), and obj.

How do I find my color 3d files?

A: If you save scanned 3d model as ply File.

NAME.ply (Point Cloud)

NAME_mesh.ply (Mesh no color)

NAME_mesh_tex.ply (Mesh with color)

NAME_mesh_tex.jpg (Texture color image)

If you save a scanned 3d model as stl. format:

NAME.ply (Point Cloud)

NAME_mesh.stl (Mesh no color)

**Stl does not support the color model.

If you save a scanned 3d model as obj. format:

NAME.obj (Point Cloud)

NAME_mesh.obj (Mesh no color)

NAME_mesh_tex.obj (Mesh with color)


NAME_mesh_tex.jpg (Texture color image)

***NAME_mesh_tex.obj ,NAME_mesh_tex.mtl ,and NAME_mesh_tex.jpg consist of a color 3d model together.

Is it possible to export the high polygon mesh or just an optimized/decimated mesh?

A: You can export a point cloud file, and make the polygon mesh by software.

Can the scanned model be 3D printed directly?

A: Yes, the output file formats include stl, ply, obj. And the monochrome printer is in STL format and POP can directly output closed mesh models for direct 3D printing.

Is it possible to scan an object, output the stl. File and print the scanned 3D image out specifying the thickness of the object to be printed to reduce weight?

A: POP will only offer you a 3D model, you can adjust the thickness of the printed object by yourself.

5. Scanning Objects:

W hat can POP scan?

A: Objects with plenty of geometrical features and complex shapes;

Objects with simple geometric features (scan with Markers);

For details, please refer to our video at What can scan & What can't scan - YouTube

W hat can’t POP scan?

A: Transparent or highly reflective objects are not ideal targets for most of the 3D scanners, including POP. Here are items that POP can’t scan:

(1) Transparent objects (cups, glasses etc.);

(2) Shining objects with metal/plating surfaces;

(3) Objects easily deformed (soft bags, living cats, etc.);

Pls: When the sun beats down, POP can’t work.

For details, please refer to our video at What can scan & What can't scan - YouTube

Can POP scan black object?

A: Yes. POP can scan black object. However, scanning highly reflective black color will be challenging. Please refer to our video at How to scan black objects - YouTube

What’s the scan result of a black object?

A: For most optical scanners, the accuracy of scanning black objects will relatively lower than others, but not all black objects present such a scanning effect.

For shiny black surfaces, there is a significant decrease in accuracy; but for black diffuse surfaces, the accuracy would be much better.

POP has specialized options for the dark object. Users can try it and it works well with common dark and diffusive objects. Please refer to the video at How to scan black objects - YouTube

Where is a full body scan?

A: here is a video for full body scan: Revopoint POP Human Scan 1, Whole Body - YouTube

How close to scan dark colors have you got ten ?

A: please refer to our video for scan dark colors:

Here is a video for dark colors: Revopoint POP Object Scan 4, Dark object - YouTube

Is it possible to scan animals, like a horse?

A: Technically, you can, but the biggest challenge is how to keep the horse still when you scan.

We have found an excellent user to scan his Golden Retrievers when it falls asleep. Please check it at https://forum.revopoint3d.com/t/winner-announced-contest-share-your-best-showcase-and-win-a-pop-gift-box-for-free/2714/9?u=revopoint3d

How it works if people wearing glasses? Could you make it?

A: Glasses are transparent, so POP cannot scan glasses. You need to remove the glasses.

Is there any chance to scan glossy object without temporary color spray?

A: It would be hard. But it depends on the specific reflectivity of the object.

Can I use the POP to scan a complete human?

A: Yes, you can! Please refer our Human Scan Instructions at https://www.revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/POP%20Human%20Face%20and%20Body%20Scanning%20V2.1.3.pdf

What is the minimum dimension to scan?

A: 50 x 50 x 50 mm.

What’s the maximum size scan POP can do?

A: Technologically, there is no limit.

Can I scan a car?

A: Yes. Please refer to our car scanning at Revopoint POP Object Scan 7, Scan a car - YouTube .

Can it scan a van?

A: You can try that, but you need to use marker mode.

We have a video to scan a car: Revopoint POP Object Scan 7, Scan a car - YouTube

C an I scan an object up to 20m with POP?

A: Yes. You shall scan with markers. You shall stick markers randomly, never identically. And you can refer to our car scan: Revopoint POP Object Scan 7, Scan a car - YouTube

Are there any results scanning a small object to 3d print? any videos?

A: Please take a look at Play with POP, Scanning with your phone - YouTube and all other videos on our official website https://www.revopoint3d.com/support/supportpop/

Why POP has the minimum size restriction?

A: The minimum size restriction does not mean you can scan nothing for objects below 50mm, it means you cannot get good details from a 50mm object, but it is OK get a general shape.

Is there a size or time limit on the capture?

A: There is no limit if you are skillful enough, you can check our car scan video at Revopoint POP Object Scan 7, Scan a car - YouTube

C an I capture a large structure all in one go?
A: Yes. You can finish a large structure scanning in one go, but we also suggest you scan part by part and then registered these parts together in our post-editing software- Handy Studio.

We also support you re-load an old 3d point cloud file and resume the scanning.

Can I use POP to scan something outdoor?

A: Yes, but you must avoid the sunlight, pick a cloudy day without any strong sunlight, the best timing is during the sunset.

If you scan it at night, you can choose the no-color model, because the RGB camera is weak at night.

What is the ideal scanning distance from POP to the object?

A: 300±100mm, you can check the screen, there are 4 distance indicators: Too near, Excellent, Good, and Too far. While scanning, we suggest you pick Excellent distance.

H ow many frames do I need to scan an object?

A: Frames scanned depend on objects.

How many rounds do I need to capture a complete 3d models?

A: Technologically, one round is ok. Scanning repeatedly can’t help the accuracy, only a closer scan distance can improve it.

If I get used to POP, how long does it take to scan the face and head in general?

A: Since you are more and more skilled, time will be faster, maybe 15s.

How long does POP take to scan an object?

A: It depends on the object to be scanned and your skills.

How long it would take to scan an object?

Beyond a face, what about a person’s whole body? How long would that take?

A: It depends on your skills, normally it only takes 15s to scan a face; For a whole body, a skilled person can scan the whole body in 2-3 min.

And you can find tips at our human scan and face scan video: Tutorial of Human Face and Body scan by POP - YouTube

7. Software

D o you have software for POP?
A: Yes. We have Handy Scan & Handy Studio.

For Windows users, you can get Handy Scan & Handy Studio;

For Mac, iOS and Android users, you can get Handy Scan only.

If necessary, please download the software at https://www.revopoint3d.com/download/pop/

And for iOS and Mac, you can go to APP Store to get the APP.

Is the software free?

A: Yes! Both the scanning software Handy Scan, and the post-editing software Handy Studio are free. And you can find them on our official website https://www.revopoint3d.com/download/pop/

What operating system does POP support?

A: Windows, Android, MAC, iOS

Is there any other software one can use with POP?

A: No. But you can download our software Handy Scan on our official website https://www.revopoint3d.com/download/pop/

W hat functions can Handy Studio realize?

A: Please refer to our introduction of Handy Studio in POP 3D Scanner user Manual at https://www.revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/POP%203D%20Scanner%20_User_Manual%20V2.1.3.pdf

How do I export my 3d models scanned by phone/Mac?

A: You can use Share button to export your models out.

Can POP calculate offline?

A: The software is offline, no need internet connection.

Could the software support stitch ing /Register/alignment ?

A: Yes. You can automatically merge them together on our software. Please refer to the multiple scanning at [Tips] What can you do when your phone is almost out of memory? - Multiple Scans

Is the software cloud based?

A: No, the software is running offline, you can use the software for free all the time. There is no license fee.

Is it possible to export scanned point cloud to use in external software (like 3d software or photogrammetry software)?

A: You can export stl., ply. or obj. format and use any external software to open it.

C an I use a third-part software, like Meshmixer?

A: Yes. You can choose third party software (MeshLab, Geomagic…) to handle the editing task. 可以。

How does a smartphone scanning compare to that with a computer?

A: The max frames that the mobile APP could scan without any interruption and maximum frame number could be slightly less than the PC software due to the phone’s memory limitation.

Even if the accuracy of smartphone scanning will be reduced a little, it is still wonderful. Here is the video showing scanning human body and face with a phone: Tutorial of Human Face and Body scan by POP - YouTube

is there an option to redo alignment when the software fails to correctly align scan data?

A: There is Undo button on Handy Scan UI, allowing users to undo the scanned frames when the point cloud is aligned wrongly. Please refer to Handy Scan UI introduction in POP 3D Scanner user Manual at https://www.revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/POP%203D%20Scanner%20_User_Manual%20V2.1.3.pdf

Will it be possible to edit the scan frames (are they separated or merged)?

A: Currently you cannot edit the frames yet.

8. Others

Did you plan to provide an SDK to have access to the raw data?

A: This is a consumer-grade 3D scanner, so we have no plan to do that now.

Do you plan free API for developers to work with this 3D camera?

A: This is a consumer-grade 3D scanner, so we do not offer the API. But we do have 3D camera with API for developer, and we are proud to be the 3D vision supplier for a bunch of robotic companies, please search Surface HD series **.

Did I get better scan result when I use a gimbal?

A: The tripod is just for angle adjustment. POP don’t need a gimbal.

What`s the performance difference between scanning with a PC and an Android phone?

A: The phone can achieve the same precision as the PC. However, in order to output the same precision, the phone memory need to have 8G or more. If the phone memory is smaller, the output accuracy would be lower.

What`s the computer configuration for use the software? And GPU?

CPU:i5 or above

RAM:8G or above

Operating System: Windows 8 /10

Screen resolution:1280*720

The integrated display card is fine, no independent display card is needed. Thanks to POP’s strong computing power, it does not require very high-performance CPU/GPU from the connected computer or phone.

Will POP scanner run on power from the laptop USB connection?

A: This is exactly how POP is powered. You need to plug it to a USB3.0 interface to power the POP and transfer the data.

Does Revopoint use USB 2.0 or USB 3.0+?

A: USB 2.0 cannot output enough power the POP scanner needs, so you can use a PC to scan.

We have mobile connector for Android and iOS users. And POP scanner supports wireless connection for both Android and iOS.

Why does POP need to use USB 3.0 port?

A: Because the power consumption of POP is 5V 1A, and its minimum required power supply is 4.8V, 800mA. (While the output of 2.0 interface is 5V 500mA, and the output of USB 3.0 is 5V 1A.)

Will the software favor an Nvidia GPU over an AMD GPU?

A: POP has a built-in chip to process the data, so it does not require good CPU or GPU from the PC, it can work with Nvidia or AMD, Intel is not a must.

Is the application included with the product or can it be a goal for the future?

A: The application is included with the product and is free to use.

Do you have User Manual and Software in French?

Yes. User Manuals and software in Italian, French, Spanish, German and Japanese are all available now.

What’s the difference between Mobile Connector and a standard splitter?

A: POP needs to be powered with 5V and 1A. Our Mobile Connector adopts special technology to solve the problem that the mobile phone cannot supply power to the POP, and it can connect phone for data transmission; while the ordinary power bank can only power the POP.

**Is there any difference in quality or other restrictions between scanning over usb-a, usb-c or wifi?

A: The WIFI connection can achieve the same precision as the USB-A and USB-C. However, in order to output the same precision, the phone memory need to have 8G or more. If the phone memory is smaller, the output accuracy would be lower.

Can the POP and Phone be connected by only one Type C cable or a lighting cable?

A: Possibly. Recent model Android phones with a USB-C port and most iPhones with a

lightning port may be able to provide enough current to operate the POP. But the phone’s

battery drain faster, which results in the POP operating improperly.

What’s the phone models that can work with one cable?

(The phones are only representatives of some tested ones.)

Huawei Mate 40/Huawei Mate 30/Huawei P 40/Huawei P 30/Huawei Nova 6/Xiaomi 10/Xiaomi Mix 3; that can’t work are: Samsung/Sony.

What are the indicators that a one-cable configuration doesn’t work?

(1) POP restarts repeatedly: the indicator light keeps changing from blue to green;

(2) After starting the POP, it freezes repeatedly during scanning.

(3) The “Lose Tracking” notice appear frequently.


Where can I see more 3D models scanned by POP?

A: We’ve updated 3D models on Revopoint3d (@Revopoint3d) - Sketchfab.

Where can I see more User Manual, User Guide and Tutorials?

A: You can find them at


1 . Turntable

What’s the spec. of the turntable?

A: please refer to page 05 in our POP Packages Introduction & Usage at https://revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/POP Packages Introduction & Usage V2.1.4.pdf

What can a Turntable help ?

A: An automatic turntable can be a big help to the scanning of most of the small and medium-size objects, but it is also a cost.

Is the scanner connected to the turntable so the speed of the turntable is controlled by the complexity of the object being scanned?

A: The turntable is not connected to the scanner. The turntable rotates at the preset speed, we don’t recommend changing it.

How much weight can the turntable handle?

A: 5 kg

Where c an I buy the Auto Turntable?

A: Yes! You can buy it on Revopoint official store at REVO. Auto Turntable for POP – Revopoint 3D

5 ) Is the add-on turntable synced with the Revopoint, or are we able to use any turntable without problem?

A: The turntable is not synced with the POP 3D scanner and you can use any turntable without problem.

2 . Lighting Cable

What`s the other end of the lightning cord?

A: Micro USB

Is the iOS cable available now?

A: No. POP only provide Wi-Fi connection for iOS system now. And you can refer to our connection video at [Tutorials] How to use the Mobile Kit with your iOS devices?

For Mac, now only Wi-Fi mode supported. And the USB mode is expected to be available in 1-2 months.

3 . Markers

What is the Marker mode?

A: When you scan some objects (such as ball, industrial parts) which is very regular(without shape features), you can stick the markers to the object randomly, and the POP will stitch each part according to the markers.

What is the purpose of the marker?

A: This is used to scan the objects with no geometric features. Flat planes like a board or symmetrical objects like balls or bowls are usually suitable to this mode. Please note that when you stick the makers to the surface, the markers should not be evenly distributed because the scanner must identify the unique pattern consisting of a cluster of adjacent makers.

Are markers removable for reusable later?

A: Yes, you can remove and reuse it as long as it is still adhesive; if it is not, you need to use new ones. In order to achieve a good scanning result, we don’t suggest you to reuse them.

Are the dot stickers to provide a better reference for the scanner on planar surfaces to join nearby points to?

A: The marker is for registration.

4 . LED Light

How is the LED light?

A: Basically, with the LED light’s help, the model’s texture color will be more uniform and vivid, and the details will be more apparent. Human scanning will also be better, as LED light can avoid the poor effect that appears dark on one side and bright on the other side.

Is the LED light battery-powered or USB-rechargeable?

A: The LED light is battery powered, and rechargeable by Type C.

What are the specs on the video light - is it IR or visible?

A: It is normal visible light (D5500), which will help to get better color texture for the scanned 3D model. For details, you can refer to product page at REVO. VL Rechargeable Mini LED Light – Revopoint 3D

What is the difference between your light and a W49 light?

A: You can buy any other light, yes, we offer quality light. And you can visit our online shop to check the LED light: REVO. VL Rechargeable Mini LED Light – Revopoint 3D

What’s the specification of the LED light?

A: please check below LED specification:

Illuminance: 800LM

Battery: 2000mAh

Battery Working time:

1.5h(Max Output)

5h (Low Output)

Power: 6W

Certifications & Reports

What certificates does it have?


What assurances can you offer that this is legit, that you will keep this on track and not try to make it be everything and the kitchen sink with scope creep, etc.?

A: We are an existing company on the market, and we take great value on our brand and our relationship with customers. We’ll update with our progression throughout the way. If the Kickstarter history had been corrupted with deceitful creators, then we’re here to change the history. Once again thank you for backing our project.

Product Usage

Support Material

What instructions and tutorials do you have?

A: Get instructions and tutorials at Tutorials & Tips - Revopoint 3D

Get more 3d models at Revopoint3d (@Revopoint3d) - Sketchfab

Questions about the software

1. Windows

Any driver/power issues, has anyone tried it with a USB 3.0 hub?

A: We strongly recommend using the USB 3.0 interface. The USB 3.0 interface works very well; however, the USB 2.0 interface could not sometimes provide POP sufficient power, which may fail to get sufficient power.

What’s the reason for constant disconnect and reconnect on USB 3.0?

A: The possible reason of constant connect & disconnect may be: insufficient voltage or insufficient current.

Most of the USB 2.0 interfaces have insufficient current, which leads to unrecognized or repeated disconnection. For some computers, the USB 3, 0 hardware interface voltage does not reach the 3.0 standard, which may also cause continuous disconnection.

Why POP is connected firstly, then disconnected?

A: Standby power is 5v, 300mA - the pop system works, but the optical device does not work;

Working power is 5V*800mA~1000mA - pop system working, optics also working;

Usually if you can connect POP to your phone via Wi-Fi, that means the POP quality is ok. Please test the connection with your phone via Wi-Fi to check POP quality.

2. Android

What power output should the power bank have in connecting wirelessly?

A: It should be: USB A connector, Voltage: 5V, Current: >1A

How do I produce an STL file Using the android App?

A: we have updated a new version, please download the latest Android version.

When I use software Handy Scan in combination with Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC phone (by USB-C wire), the camera keeps disconnecting after a few seconds. Why it that and what I should do?

A: Some phones don’t support high-current power supply to external devices. For these devices’ users, we suggest that you use Wi-Fi mode and it is very convenient.

Our engineer tested some devices, and found that Samsung & Sony phones are not supported, while HUAWEI Mate & P series & Nova series, Xiaomi phones usually support USB Mode of POP. (We just tested several models, so this is not all phones’ result)

If some backers really want to use USB mode, we developed an accessory called mobile connector on Amazon and our online store Mobile Connector – Revopoint 3D.

Why can’t my phone Samsung Galaxy S9 / Google Pixel 4 XL connect POP?

A: we have updated a new version, please download the latest Android version.

3. iOS

H ow to change Name and Password of POP?

A: Check this post: [Tips] How to revise the name and password of default hotspot

Are there any videos using iOS?

A: Yes, please refer to YouTube video at [Tutorials] How to use Handy Scan with Wi-Fi Mode on your iPhone?

How do I use POP with my iPad?

A: please refer to our POP iPad Handy Scan Instruction at [Guide] How to use Handy Scan on your iPad

Why the app crashes when using iPhone?

A: It’s about the app version. We have updated the latest APP that have resolved the issue. Please download the latest version at APP Store.


How is the tracking, does it lose tracking often?

A: While scanning objects with multiple features, the POP works smoothly, rarely losing track. And for human scans, practice makes perfect. If you are skilled, the scanning frame will not be lost.

If it shows” Track Lost”, please back to the scanned area for realignment.

How does it scan things with sharp edges, does it smooth them over?

A: POP is a high-precision 3D scanner and while scanning, plenty of details can be captured: the closer you are, the more details you can get. So, I recommend you scanning objects with sharp edges at a closer distance of around 200 mm to 250 mm to require more details.

Are colored scans really that terrible, is that why most Revopoint’s scans were not textured?

A: Users are able to get good color models with POP (before scanning, people can select “Color” or “No Color” in Texture), and You can download the color model at Revopoint3d (@Revopoint3d) - Sketchfab

Most printer users are more concerned about the details of the shape than the color.

How can I scan: Honoré de Balzac, Bust. Original is 149mm tall (the white resin part), and get 0.3mm accuracy?

A: you shall move POP to be closer to Bust. Scanning repeatedly can’t help the accuracy, only a closer scan distance can improve it.

How to Revise POP’s name and password?

1)Download Windows Handy Scan app at https://revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/HandyScan_Setup2.4.8_20210513.R.exe 16

  1. Open “Handy Scan”, click “About” - Click “Setting”;

  2. Input a name and password as you like.

The more frames scanned, the better accuracy?

A: No. Scanning repeatedly can’t help the accuracy, only a closer scan distance can improve it.