Will Revo Scan App will on Android 11 GO Edition

Does anyone know if Revo Scan App will run on Android 11 GO Edition ?

Android 11 Go Edition is created for device with up to 2GB of RAM
Revo Scan recommended memory is 4GB and up to work proper . So I don’t think that should be your device of choice. .

Thank you for your reply,
I bought a cheap Andrpoid tablet to use with the Range scanner.
It is called “XGODY” NO1_EEA and powered by Android 11R with 4GB of RAM
ARM v8 processor Rev2.
The Androip app wont even install let alone run.
The Scanner itself works beautifully with my Laptop and PC, I am very impressed.

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I bought cheap Android11 tablet 8GB RAM Teclast last year for testing with Range , but it only works via WiFi as the OTG don’t want to connect but it works very smooth… then switched to Dell Win 11 Tablet/PC 16GB RAM and it was a winner for underway scanning .

Make sure you have full version of Android OS

Thank you very much, perhaps we could start a new thread where people show which tablet that they have bought that works well ?

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You can start new thread under Discussion/ Range & Accessories

So other users can share their suggestions