Best tablet for the Range scanner?

What is the best tablet to use with the range, android or IOS? Maximum ram, etc

Hi @Miamijerry

Skip the Android tablet , get yourself Win tablet/PC with at least 16GB , then you can scan direct to USB stick and move your projects from the tablet to PC flawless.

Android tablets beside having bigger screen are useless, as you can’t even edit or have a proper processing results what are set on the lower quality side on mobile apps .

Having Win tablet allows you to have full edit and processing and better scanning experience on the go .
Just don’t go below 16GB of RAM , Win 10 or 11 is fine .

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I have just bought one of these and it seems to work well : DOOGEE Tablet 2023, T10 10.1" FHD+ Android 12 Tablets, 15GB+128GB… : DOOGEE Tablet 2023, T10 10.1" FHD+ Android 12 Tablets, 15GB+128GB Octa-Core Gaming Tablet, 8300mAh Battery 2.4G/5G WiFi Tablet, TÜV Low Bluelight Tablet for Kids, Bluetooth, GPS, Split Screen : Electronics

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Lol… This you took a gamble on that one. Is the fusing and mesh easy?

Android tablet is just ok for capturing your data , not fusing or meshing using it , the quality would be too low on any .mobile device .

I only use the Tablet for capture, I have a 128 gig RAM PC for Point Cloud processing / Modelling etc.
I am a full time 3D modeller for a living.

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Nice to know Mike , me too

I wish I had your ZBrush skills !

Hard edge modeler yourself ? I am organic form modeler in general , Zbrush user since 1998 .

Rhino 3D, 3Ds Max. Modelling from 3D scan Pointclouds since 2001.
Mainly scan data from tripod mounted scanners such as Leica and Faro terrestrial scanners.

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Great experiences here Mike , nice to see advanced modelers and 3D scans users around in our community.

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You two together have more experience then the age of Google and YouTube combined.

Some real OG’s, you are :sunglasses:

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PC de 128 Go de RAM
There must be a Gb 128 error ??? It s 15Gb Ram

Why error @Hporoberto ?

4x 32 GB= 128GB quad channel desktop memory