REVOSCAN incompatible with Android 10 tablet?

I purchased from Amazon a new Android Tablet TJD MT-1011QU with 32 GB memory of which 27 GB is free. It uses Android 10 also it says it Android Go what ever that is. I get the App not installed error after it appears it should have installed the APK. I put it into Developer mode and enabled USB debugging. Still refuses to load. I changed on the settings to allow installtion from unknown source but still no luck. Will probably send this back as I wanted USB scanning not WiFi which is inconsistent. What inexpensive Android devices and OS versions have been successful for most users ?


That is an exceedingly low price for an Android 10 tablet with that much memory. Even if it came with a preinstalled app to tell you the tablet’s capabilities, install DevInfo from the Play Store and see what it tells you instead.

I did the same and found that my supposedly Android 10 tablet actually used Lollipop (Android 5). I got a refund tout suite.

Thanks for that tip! I’m not mich of an Android guy but Im pretty technical so this is very useful. Thanks!

I just went through the same thing could not get it installed on the Android go version so with someone suggestion on here I bought a used TCL 10L phone on amazon go it seem like it was never used works perfect only problem I’m having is running out of memory while scanning but just started to see what I can find about that.

I am unfamiliar with the TCL line of tablets, but I had an unfortunate encounter with an Android tablet that claimed it had Android 10 and 512 MB of memory. Its built-in tester (AnTuTu Benchmark) even reported as such. The built-in Netscap app reported -14 TERAbytes of storage.

I installed DevInfo from the Play Store; it reported that the tablet was running Android 5.5.1 and its storage was only 128M.

So… install an independent Benchmark program from the Play Store and verify your tablet’s capabilities.

Nobody talking about TCL tablets Jeff …it was a TCL phone that I bought to use with POP2 and recommend in the forum as it working perfect also with MINI .

@chad2323 you have 6GB so 800 frames in color and 1300 frames in no color plus even more in fast mode .
You will need a phone with 16GB to forget about the frame count .

But what 6GB offers is already enough to make good quick scans without fusing them between in No color mode.

With Color mode it allows you to scan 2 rotations before you need to fuse .

Considering the lower quality of the scanned objects using any phone I would not invest more in that as I did .

A good Windows tablet with at least 8-16GB and dual band 5Ghz would be ideal for the on the go scanning experiences.
Because no matter what android device you going to buy, the software is still the same , until Revopoint allow to capture the cache again on your phone as it was in the begining and not only using RAM, I see no reason for update .
It was perfect in the begining but people were not happy about so now it is just downgraded and you need to fuse it on your phone in place of exporting the whole project to PC later and save time on fusing and model quality.

Yeah… I was actually trying to refer to the first post in this thread, with the “Android Tablet TJD MT-1011QU”, but didn’t slide up far enough to reply to the correct post. His problems are similar to what I encountered with my tablet when trying to install recent apps.

Sorry Jeff, yes I noticed it after I posted , that you referred to another early post about the tablet … I purchased a memory stick and inside the plastic there was mini SD card lol , you never can trust what you buy especially on ebay .

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