Budget Android for RevoScan

I have been looking for a good budget Android tablet to dedicate to 3D scanning. What are some good middle of the road specs for an Android tablet running RevoScan?

I am considering this new Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet.

Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet with 11" display, octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 14-hour battery life, 128 GB

Would this run RevoScan decently?


Hi! I highly advise you to get a device with at least 8gb RAM.

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check also here

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Don’t get any android tablet below 8GB of RAM , even if you process your projects on your computer after . 4GB RAM is too low , waste of money .

For Android phone I would not get below 6GB of RAM considering you process the projects later on computer .

For tablets that you want to use for processing after scanning , I would suggest you get Win 10 or win 11 Tablet with minimal 16GB of RAM .

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