Wifi Security isn't Private

Being able to change the WiFi SSID and password is a good feature. Hiding it on the About dialog was maybe not such a great idea. Typically a Settings or Configuration dialog would be where this belongs.

From the security aspect, showing the password in clear text is a definite fail. The user should be able to set a new password, but never see what an existing password is.

Image someone ‘borrows’ your Pop, connects it to their computer via USB, pulls open this dialog, and viola, they now have your (not so private any more) SSID and password.

And it isn’t good enough to just hide it in the GUI. If the Pop has a software interface to read/write the SSID and password, then a hacker can use that to get your credentials. So now a firmware change is needed too.



Good suggestion :).

I see a lot of people are obsessed with security.
Even if it is not at all probable, because it is still necessary that a person steals POP from you, know that it works in wifi, know or modify the password and discover that it is in the clear.

Personally I often change the Hotspot and I find it very useful to be able to find it by connecting the POP.

Finally I go back anyway the idea caar everything is good to take :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

I’m not worried about it for the following reason:

My home WiFI/Router has a different name and password (my GF would be annoyed if I arbitrarily changed it). When I want a wireless connection from my smartphone to the POP, I have to change several things in my phone’s configuration, including the name and password. When I’m done, I have to change back, so anyone who ‘borrows’ my POP will not have my internet access.

I have read one member claim that he set his WiFi/Router name and password to the POP defaults, with the POP connecting to it and HandyScan found the POP. I think it unlikely, but I have not verified.