Configurable Wireless Hotspot

If I understand well, reading some topics and of course the manual (haven’t received my POP yet), the wireless mode implies
Configuring your (unique) Hotspot with the name ‘POP’ and a generic password, ouch…

Many of us already use the HotSpot on their phone, with a different SSID, so every time we want to use the scanner we have to rename the HotSpot and change the password… I think this is not viable at all on the long run, and not secure either

So the question is

  • Can the POP be upgraded through a firmware update so as you can change this ?
  • Could you imagine using HandyScan (Wired PC or Smartphone) to update the config of the POP in order to change HotSpot Name and password ? (so we could use our regular one for the POP)

I hope this is something that will evolve :wink:


Yes I hope they can address this in the future also as changing the hotspot back and forth is not fun! I REALLY wish they would have just made it wifi or at the worst bluetooth.


Hi @Nebulus This is a good suggestion. I remember that @KnightRid also mentioned such question in another post, and I had reported it to our product team at that time. We are trying to find a solution. And I will also report your suggestions, thanks.
If any update, I will come here and let you know.

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I’m not sure if this is correct - but most such devices create their own “Hotspot” - so you connect to that - not it connects to yours.

Hence why it’s pop with a generic password - you connect to it - not it to yours.

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Hi, @Vassago Yes, you tell the truth. According to my conversation with the product team last time, they said we don’t allow users to revise the Hotspot name and password because if some users set a new password and forget it, they can’t connect the POP anymore.
At the same time, we can understand users’ concerns, so we are still trying to see if any other solution.

Hi @Revopoint-Cassie , this is the point of my 1st post here, of course you’re right, users might forget the SSID/PW, for that reason I believe the best way would be that if you connect ‘wired’ to your POP, there should be an option to configure/change it, no risk at all since you’re wired, what do you think ?


Hi @Nebulus I think this is a good way. I will discuss with product team and let you know soon.

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Yeah this how it would be. Not sure how the op got that backwards. I haven’t read the manual; maybe it’s confusing.

Hi @cgcarter Here is the manual for your reference:

Seeing as how many smartphones cannot be set up as a Hot Spot in the first place (restrictions placed by the service provider), it seems to me that the best way to implement file sharing is to configure the POP as a WiFi file sharing hub. Name it POP and have whatever password you want, allowing multiple devices to download scans with the only change being selecting a new WiFi port and, later, switching back to your regular port.


Hi Jeff, thanks for your suggestion. I will report it to our product team.

All of the numerals in the links are not interpreted correctly and display as ‘?’. If you replace them with what is displayed, then the links work.


If I delete the numbers, the link is 404

There is a problem with the font in your manual as regards numbers.

When I copy the text string for a link and paste it into a browser, all the numbers are replaced with a question mark ("?"), which makes the link invalid. If I replace each “?” with the proper number (that I can see in the manual), then the link works.

I would suggest that you replace the font you are using with Times New Roman or Arial to eliminate this problem (well, you should verify that other users are having problems and get confirmation that it is not just me).


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Also for @Revopoint-Cassie @Revopoint - He means what you see in the picture I attached.

All of the numbers are replaced with other characters due to the font you are using I guess. Like @JeffLindstrom said, if you switch to a standard font it should fix it. Right now we can’t click on links to go direct to the website nor can we copy and paste as the numbers turning to characters mess it up. I am in the USA so I do not know if this is the same worldwide or just here.

Hi @KnightRid Thanks for this information. We will double check and revise it. :handshake:
For users who may need it, please download this newest users’ manual:

As with previous versions of the manual, all the numerals in the links are replaced with other characters, so they will fail to work unless the numerals are manually replaced.

Also, the manual’s version number and release date are not being incremented properly.


Just got my POP and gritted my teeth and did the phone rename and hot-spot re-password - only to discover there is something else going on and my phone did not discover the POP (or vice versa) - not sure why. The only suggestion in the manual is that the POP latched onto some other device (we have about 16 wi-fi enabled devices in our house so no clues there). Doesn’t appear to be a way to force the POP to forget the device and start the ‘recognition’ process over. So I abandoned the phone and went to the direct USB link to my laptop. At least I got a satisfactory scan out of that situation. However I 100% agree with Nebuus and the others: the link needs to be ‘wired’ like with my laptop via USB or the POP needs to have a fixed address that the app recognizes. then the phone doesn’t need to be re-named. Flip it around. Also why not pair with Bluetooth? It would seem to be a lot simpler and more secure. You have to understand - my phone name is needed by other devices - I now have to remember to rename it exactly or I have to reconnect to my other devices. Revopoint should not be asking their users to do this unfriendly thing.All a hacker needs to see is POP on the phone name and he knows, ‘oh the password for the hot spot is 12345678’. No security at all.

Hi, it is now possible, from the Windows App, (About->WiFi) to change SSID and password of the POP, have you tried that ?

Re-downloaded the windows app. Running on my laptop with POP scanner powered by an outboard usb power store and hitting “about” - I am not seeing a wi-fi setting. And no video.

Plugging the usb into my laptop now it is feeding a video signal and “about” offers a wi-fi option.
Changing fields to match my house wi-fi and password. Got a request to reset the POP. Did so and name and password were blank. Re-entered home wi-fi name and password- prompted to restart the POP. Did so - old POP 12356789 settings re-appeared.
How did you get it to stick?