Wifi connection with laptop / PC

Is there an option to connect the pop scanner via wifi to a pc or laptop? It would be nice if this is possible. For a body scan you can much easier walk around the body.

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My pop is connected to my router by wifi, so I can access it with every pc, notebook or smartphone. To do this you have to connect the pop one time with the usb-cable to your pc or notebook, start the Handy Scan software and change the wifi settings (“About” menu) according to the wlan settings of your router. Then you can disconnect the usb cable. Of course you have to power the pop with another power source now, probably with a power bank if you want to walk around. The pop should then connect to the router an be able to work with every device in the same network.
I have this setup for the pop at my home. Works very well here and perhaps is a good solution for you too.


This is very interesting. Can you expand in detail what you mean by “according to the wlan settings of your router”?

The pop ist configured to search for a network with the SSID “POP”. If found, it tries to log in there, using the password “12345678”.
If you change these settings (SSID and password) to the ones of your WiFi at home, the pop will look for this network instead and log in there.


Absolutely smashing tip! :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:

Thanks for the answer. i thought this was only possible with the mobile app :wink:

I try your solution, but it doesn’t work. How can find the handyscan software on the PC the pop scanner in the network? When I use the mobile version i need to change the settings between usb en wifi.

@TimNuijten Sorry, don’t know which protocol is used by Windows 10 to find cam-type devices in the network. I am not techie enough to explain said, I’m afraid. I just tried a fresh install of the HandyScan software on an old notebook of mine. You have to allow Windows apps to make use of cam devices first.
When I start HandyScan for the first time after installing, windows asks me, if I allow HandyScan to make use of some network functions. I allow this for private networks and then HandyScan starts. If I have powered the pre-configured POP first, it’s live appears immediately in HandyScan!
The menu About → Settings shows the details of the POP’s Wifi configuration:

Check the spelling of SSID and password and the windows setting regarding wether apps are allowed to access cams or not. Perhaps it’s just a little thing, that is missing.

Good luck1!