Pop connection issue with win10 pro using hotspot

Is there a tool to check handyscans access to the POP scanner?

I have 3 win10 computers. Two of them run the Pro version and one uses the home version.

The home version works perfectly with the hotspot, but the Pro versions have the POP connect to the hotspot but handyscan software does not see it. Is there some setting that is different in the pro versions?

I am using the latest version of handyscan…

Thank you


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Don’t know if setting different, but a thought: only one of those hot spots can be active at a time.

With multiple active, you couldn’t be sure to which PC is it connected.

Not that as I only have one PC connected at a time.

However did find the problem.

In win10 pro the firewall needs access on both private and public networks. Handy scan needs to be enabled under both then it started to work properly.

Not an issue in win home.

Thank you