Wifi and USB not working on Miraco Scanner

We have tried wifi ( connected to same wifi ) and USB cable and can not get the miraco to transfer files. Any other suggestions?

Hi @fueledtocreate
What you tried to connect to ? More information would be great , was that PC, Mac ?

Did you used the proper cable ? It needs to be data cable you got with MIRACO , USB C to USB C , not the turntable power cable . The USB cable need to be USB 3 for PC or USB 2 for MAC .
After USB is connected , go to setting and set the Transfer mode ON for the USB connection ( for transfer files) after that open the Revo Scan 5 on your computer ( the last version ) and a library should open showing your MIRACO files .
You can also go to your My Computer and check the Miraco hard drive and manually download your projects , so you have 3 options .

When you connect MIRACO to your home WiFi Internet make sure you set automatic the time and date under MIRACO settings , it is very important the data and time is in synchro with your computer .

Let me know if any of that worked for you