Revo Scan can't find Miraco via WiFi more than once

I started playing with my new Miraco today as follows:
I installed Revo Scan 5.4.7 on my Windows PC.
I ran Revo Scan and noted the Scanner Disconnected message.
I turned on the Miraco and connected to my 5 GHz network.
Revo Scan recognized the Miraco.
I powered down the Miraco.
Revo Scan displayed the Scanner Disconnected message as expected.
I turned the Miraco back on, but Revo Scan didn’t see it.
I checked the Miraco’s WiFi connection (pull down on screen => Settings => WiFi and noted a checkmark next to my network name.
I exited Revo Scan and powered down the Miraco.
I restarted the Miraco.
I checked to make sure it thought it was connected to my network.
I started Revo Scan, but it still didn’t see the Miraco.

On the Miraco, I tried to find the unit’s MAC and IP addresses, but no joy. Apparently Revopoint keeps this information to itself for some strange reason. That makes it difficult to troubleshoot.

I’d appreciate any suggestions as to how I might get the Miraco talking to Revo Scan again via WiFi.

Hi @casterle

Are you talking about using MIRACO via wifi connection?

Unfortunately, MIRACO does not have this feature at the moment, and currently MIRACO can only be connected to RevoScan via USB.

I’m pretty sure I connected the Miraco to Revo Scan once, but I may be mistaken. But there is no doubt that it thinks it’s connected to my WiFi network. What is the point of that if Revo Scan can’t see it?

WiFi was obviously available 5 months ago per this video:

Why was the feature removed, and when will it be available again?

Oh you are trying to transfer the model to RevoScan via a WiFi connection, I misunderstood you, I thought you were trying to connect the MIRACO to RevoScan via WIFI and use the MIRACO as a normal scanner.

I just tried it and it works.

Please follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the MIRACO to the same network as your PC.
  2. Find the model you want to share in MIRACO and click “Share Model”.

  1. Open RevoScan, create a new project, click File in the upper right corner, and select Import from MIRACO via WIFI.

  1. Enter the verification code that pops up on the screen into MIRACO and wait for the transfer.

​​Yesterday you told me that the feature wasn’t available! You should be better informed before you post an “answer”. If you don’t know, check with someone who does rather than guessing.

Why isn’t the information you just gave me provided with the scanner? The Disconnected message has a “help” link opens this file: connect-en_US.html. It’s for a Mini 2(!) and has nothing to do with connecting a Miraco to a PC.

When you install and run Revo Scan, it gives a message that the Miraco isn’t connected. Fair enough. On the Miraco, making the connection to the network is fairly straightforward. But then nothing happens.

The Miraco thinks it’s connected to the network, but the PC software thinks it’s not. I wasted quite some time trying to figure out what was going on before giving up. There is NO indication that one needs to create a model before making the connection. And why I have to do things this way is beyond comprehension.

Had you provided the Miraco’s MAC address, and the IP address to which it is connected as EVERY OTHER Wi-Fi DEVICE I’ve ever used does, I could have at least confirmed that the Miraco was actually connected to my router. Why on earth would you not provide this information?

Also, since I had to have my network password to connect the Miraco to the network, why do I have to enter a 4-digit number in order to connect to the PC software? I’ve obviously authorized the hardware to be on my network.

Worse, I have to go to my PC and get a DIFFERENT CODE every time I want to transfer another model! I want to scan things in my garage and transfer the model to the PC before scanning something else. I DON’T want to have to go into the house and get a damn code to start the transfer.

What is the point of providing Wi-Fi if I have to go to my PC? Surely you understand that if I’m at my computer I would probably use a faster USB connection rather using Wi-Fi. Is Wi-Fi just something that marketing wanted to have on their feature checklist? If you meant it to be a useful feature, you missed the mark.

Hi @casterle

I apologize for the inconvenience.

  1. Regarding the tutorial on MIRACO transmission via WIFI, it is true that there is no clearer hint inside the device, we will think about how to improve it, thank you for your suggestion.

  2. We will provide the MAC address and the IP address information in the next MIRACO OTA update.

  3. RevoScan currently requires a verification code when connecting to MIRACO via WIFI, this is to enhance security and avoid unauthorized access. Basically, all LAN transmissions require a verification and authorization process, either through a digital code or a QR code.

You can try to put several models all in one project and transfer the whole project.

Please let me know if you run into any more problems.

I’m not sure what security you’re enhancing. I had to enter my network password into the Miraco before I could connect via Wi-Fi. I have thus already authorized the connection by a much more secure password than the 4 digits you require. Nothing else on my network secures itself by requiring a password each time I use the device to transfer data.

All you are doing with your so-called security enhancement is making Wi-Fi unusable! If Revopoint considers it necessary to prompt for a code, DO IT ONCE, NOT ON EVERY TRANSFER! That would at least make Wi-Fi a usable feature. As things stand, it is not.

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Yes this is a good suggestion and our team already plans to improve this in a future update.

Thank you. :+1: