Whose got the best calibration?

So I finally was able to calibrate my POP2 using @PUTV recommendations. I was able to get .059XX! I am extremely impressed with how easy it was after taking their advice. Using the stand makes it too difficult. Angling the camera to correct angle is much better!

Edit: prior to calibration I was consistently getting .15XX - new result is 2.5x better


Hi @jheins3 that are a very good calibration results here .

The Calibration only calibrate the Depth and RGB senors together , so if you move the device or the board really don’t matters as long you capture the requested photos for calibration .

Happy to hear it worked for you
Just remember not all devices will get to the same level , I had some POP2 that calibrated to 0.0200 others never go below 0.0900, but that don’t makes the device less good , the real troubles starts when the calibration level reach 1.0000 and above .


Hello both!
@jheins3 your calibration results are great, congratulations!
@PUTV could you please share the link to your calibration recommendations, as i am struggling to calibrate my POP2.
I am getting results around 0.2 and i want to make sure that i am running the procedure in the best conditions.
Btw, i love my POP2, it’s a great piece of hardware…

here are some:

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Basically, shine light on the side - I have a small desk light in which I did this and keep the board flat for the entire calibration - using the guide on the calibration screen rotate the camera into the correct angle/orientation for the angle calibration shots/frames. When I did this, I went from unable to calibrate better than factory to the results shown above twice.

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