Which scanner for modeling, Mini or Pop3


I am planing to model my clarinet section by section. We manufactured it with no model, just by instinct. Now i d like to gather its exact model, exact hole positions and overall dimensions. I just could not decide with which scanner should i go? Mini or pop3 ? Since mini has higher accuracy, i think mini is best option, just scanning and processing will be longer. What is your opinion? At the end, dimensional and positional accuracy is most important thing to me. I understood from internet search, mini is hard to use for larger objects, but it gives best results with extra effort. Which scanner you recommend?

Hi @3Dlives you can use MINI to scan your Clarinet , but you will have to scan it section by section and merge it after for best results , you will also need a good 3D spray with lower layer level , you can use Attblime

ATTBLIME ABX 3D scanning spray sublimating up to 2 hours – ATTBLIME – HIGH PERFORMANCE 3D SCANNING SPRAY

It has a very fine layer of application even great to use scanning coins or dental work.
And not need cleaning after … safe to use

Regarding your concern about accuracy , the most concern you should have when buying a scanner is precision , since you want each sections you scan to be very precise . Your Clarinet don’t really have an 0.02mm accuracy of details and you don’t need that accuracy , but if you going for the precision MINI will be your best friend . You will be able probably to even scan it in one run from top to the bottom if you think smart about the scanning process …

Wishing you much luck with your project !

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Thanks a lot.
What you say about POP3 ?
Assume we scanned a section, one scan with pop3, one scan with mini. What would possible differences be? Overall dimensions, texture… Do they significantly differ or lack some points?
If pop3 works great also, i could go with it.
Wonder your opinion,
Best regards.

If you scan sections with different accuracy they you going to have a seam between sections since each part will have different precision and accuracy , meaning the point distance will be different .
There is significant difference between POP3 and MINI … if you plan to scan other medium size objects with color textures go for POP3 .

Mini was created to scan mini objects , jewelry, miniatures , dental work … etc…

POP3 starts where Mini ends .
And you can still scan your Clarinet with POP3 …

Check the Showcase section in the Forum , you will have pretty good examples of what both scanner do .
I think you going to have more from POP3 in general since it is latest scanner edition with new specials .