POP 2 or Mini for scanning small action figures

I am planning on scanning small action figures (4" x 4") in size. Can you tell me which scanner is better? POP 2 or the Mini ?


I’d say the mini would be best because its geared toward small, detailed objects.
Be warned though its not a point and click process.
As I’m finding there is an art to capturing objects at high detail levels, but is rewarding when you do

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There is not BETTER , both do thing best what they were made for.

For 4 inches figures you can use both , however it depends if your priority , what kind of objects, do you need color scans , is the accuracy important to you , do your objects have very fine details etc

Both works differently and have different accuracy , so it is not like you can choice one and do everything with it .

More specifications of your needs would be helpful. Maybe some pic of your intended to scan objects ?

Yes, I need color. Detail is important. The objects have fine details.

Scanning colors with MINI is a challenge since it uses Blue laser light and colors like yellow, red, green, orange absorbing blue light , so trying scanning colors with MINI will affect the accuracy if not using 3D spray and is not easy to scan . Also resin , wax and plastics can be difficult to scan without 3D spray

POP2 don’t have issues with that since it use Infrared Red so any color or surfaces that reflect Infrared Lights can be scanned easy .

Personally I would use POP2 for 4 inches objects .
And Use MINI with 3D spray in ,99% situations .

So if the very fine details are important to you , you may sacrifice the color or vice versa.

Please check the showcase section of the forum to see examples of scans so you can do the best decision for yourself here.

Just please don’t think that one is better than the other , as that depends of your personal needs. POP2 can’t do what MINI can and vise versa , but if I had just one choice here , I would personally go for POP2 as for me it is the most versatile scanner and user friendly.

And I totally agree with @Lostboy statement, 3D scanning is not just click and done , it requires practice and some learning curve .

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Indeed, after more research I have also ordered the POP2 to widen my scanning potential.
I am also very intetested to see how the range fares for even larger objects.

Much the same as photographers need multiple lenses for their work, 3D scanners need multiple scanners for theirs.

Maybe its possible to combine the higher fidelity scans from the MINI with texture scans from the POP2

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Is just painting the item white similar to the 3d spray or is the 3d spray a better route all together?

If you can paint it , go for the paint , cheap and do better job , use light gray , better than white.
If you can’t paint it for any reason use 3D vanishing spray

If I want to scan a miniature less than 4 inches tall would I use Pop 2 or Mini if colour doesnt matter?

You can use POP2, POP3, INSPIRE or MINI

MINI will give you the best results if color don’t matters .

Here is a 20 year old (approximately) plastic warhammer miniature painted only with primer. The base is 1" x 2", and the very top of the horns is 2.75". POP2, POP3, and MINI. I didn’t really finish or process these as much as I would have normally, and I’m probably not the best scanner to begin with. The MINI clearly captures the details better, producing 650K points, whereas the POP both only capture around 80K points.

My POP3 doesn’t do any better than my POP2. In fact, I think I like the POP2 one slightly better.