3D mini - Lack of precision of the scanner


As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently bought the 3D mini.
The problem I have is the lack of precision of the scanner.
I’m using it to scan small parts, like gears and spare parts for audio equipment.
The scanner doesn’t capture the pieces accurately, and whenever I create the mesh, the parts come out without definition (in the case of gears, the teeth are not visible after processing the piece). Everything comes out “flat.”
I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong. I’ve watched hundreds of tutorials, and my scans always turn out poorly.
I see in videos that for scanning objects, we can pause the scan, change the face, and the object repositions itself to scan the other sides. In my case, when I pause and rotate the object, either it creates two separate pieces side by side (like a layer), or it says “tracking lost.”

I have spent hundreds of hours, and I don’t know what else to do anymore. I am even considering returning the scanner since it is within the exchange period :frowning:

PS: I’m using the turn table that came with the pack. (I’ve also tried all the speeds.)

hi! and you use scanning spray, too?

Hello Ivan,

First thanks for your Reply

I thought the spray was only for black parts

I leave here some example images (fused, merge) and the piece itself


Hi! for rather shiny object, even white ones, I use attblime ab2 spray, and a very dark room for best results. the more details I want to capture qith mini, the more I use scanning spray.

Here I would advise you to put some small objects around for better tracking and cut them out before meshing.

I guess your mini has good calibration values, too?

check here, maybe also read the whole thread.

I thought the scanner was already calibrated, I didn’t know it was necessary to manually calibrate. Is there any program for this?

I advise to check calibration values from time to time and recalibrate if needed.

That is an extremely difficult object to scan. It has no unique features around it.
I think even scanning spray will not yield the results you want.

Personally, I’d scan that either in marker mode using the dots on the turntable as the markers, or I would place objects around it that can be tracked and scan in feature mode. Even the, I think you will struggle with an object such as that.

How are your scans of easier objects such as the bust?

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