Which operations need the Pop2 hardware

which operations exacly need the POP2 hardware connected to the PC or smartphone?

  • scanning obviously
  • fusing I guess - because without the POP2 connected RevoScan throws an error
  • meshing - I don’t think so
  • texture extraction - probably not?
    Now on the smartphone it seems to be different and the POP2 hardware seems to be required for all operations?

@kaczorefx again you answered yourself all questions

On smartphone once you moved to the meshing process the POP2 is disconnected , it stays connected while fussing operation and you can go back and scan more . I guess the same goes for PC .
However with batch processing I don’t think you need to connect anything
I read that there are coming good improvements to the mobile app , finger crossed !

Well I am confused about the PC app.
I managed to batch process a file without the Pop2 connected, the next project threw an error - had to connect the POP. Both were at the same stage so just a clean scan and no fusing.

I just did it right now and batch processing some cracked projects , one project did not wanted to even fuse and failed , but that has nothing to do with anything but the scan itself , I can normally batch process everything no matter POP2 is connected or not , the failed projects can’t be even open again when POP2 is connected .

Let me guess - that one single project was scanned in Fast Accuracy mode, the rest were in High Accuracy mode? :wink:

I don’t have issues with Standard quality projects that was scanned on my PC , and the bad one was at High Accuracy , I never scan on Standard Accuracy on my Mobile so can’t tell you if it have any issues, will test next time .

That is just one of the bugs I reported. RevoScan can’t open projects that were scanned with Fast Accuracy mode - even on the same machine :rofl:

I have no problem with that on PC , no matter Fast or High Accuracy
but if that is the case with mobile phones , can’t yet speak about.

If you have not enough points in your pre-fused projects it will not fuse , and when open it will be blank but that is not a bug after all . Some files get corrupted for some reason , not idea why . But mostly are the garbage I stopped scanning prematurely

If I scan with Fast Accuracy mode - no fusing - I can’t reopen or batch process that project - on the same machine even.