New user confused

I received POP scanner ages ago, but only now opened and used it.

Some things were and are quite confusing.

  1. The app name: Why does every (online) documentation talk about Handy Scan when the app(s) are not called that? I’m sensing that RevoScan is a new app, but it seems to have existed for several months already. There should have been enough time to update the documentation.

  2. It took me a while to realize that I need to setup a wifi hotspot on my phone. I’m used to IOT devices and those devices setup their own wifi access point to which you connect to. The whole section about connecting to the scanner is quite unnoticiable.

  3. I managed to scan something. How do I reopen a project on the phone app? I can click the project title, and it shows me the object. But that’s all I can do? I can’t continue scanning? With some projects nothing happens when I click the project name. I’m guessing I didn’t fuse the point cloud and/or just wanted to start over. Yet every project is saved cluttering the project list.

  4. The manual suggests to do the meshing on the computer. How do I transfer the project? I looked for an export action, but there’s only Share. Again, use precise terms. I managed to get a zip file that has a ply file in it. I’m still using Windows 7 on my desktop PC, so I can’t run Revo Studio. I’ll have to try it on my laptop or something and see if I get any further.

  1. The app names were changed to Revo Scan and Revo Studio a few months ago when they received a major functional update. All versions work with your POP scanner (except for Revo Calibration), but the later versions are better.
  2. With the original POP, wireless operation has two configurations (these can only be set when the POP is connected to a computer via USB).
    a. Set up a hotspot on your phone, laptop or computer.
    b. Configure your POP to look for your home router. It will find your computer or phone that is running Revo Scan so long as it is also connected to your home router.

Please note that the POP connects at 2.4 GHz and cannot use Marker mode with WiFi.

  1. When you scan on your phone, you have to export the scan. This can be as soon as you perform the Fuse operation or after your perform the Mesh operation. You can use the default PLY format or the OBJ format for any scans, but the STL export does not support color at this time. Then, move the files to your computer to use Revo Studio.

  2. The easiest way to move the files is by using the cloud and access them there. I have also used an adapter to connect a flash drive to my phone.

Good luck and have fun.


Iʻm another confused new user.

  1. Which cable is used to charge the power bank, and how is the power bank connected to the scanner?

  2. Is the 2-in-1 mobile cable for both charging and operating? Another user says that cable does not charge the power bank.

  3. It looks like to operate the Revopoint one is to plug the USB3.0 (? according to stamp) into the Revopoint and the USB-A into the power bank. Is this correct?

Thank you for any help!