Which is better when scanning the head: pop3 or inspire?

hello. Before asking any questions, please understand that I used Google Translator.
I am planning to purchase revopoint product for head scan.
I think we need to consider between pop3 and inspire.
pop3 is more precise, but inspire provides a wider measurement distance.
I’m worried that pop3 may have a narrow measurement range for head scanning.
Please recommend which of the two is suitable for head scanning.

Both are ideal for that. I’ve never encountered an issue with POP3’s scanning range.
Do you need the additional precision of Pop3? If not, get Inspire. If you think you might want to scan more precisely then get Pop3.

What you mean by wider measurement distance ?
INSPIRE sensors are much closer to each other than POP3, slightly wider than MINI , so the FOV is smaller than POP3.

The accuracy is lower since INSPIRE only offers Standard Mode and 18FPS speed mode with 0.2mm accuracy not High Accuracy mode .

Go with POP3 , it have it all and greater accuracy at bigger distance , it is universal scanner and creates great textures .

I was trying to talk about working distance.

POP3 : 275mm(150mm ~ 400mm)
INSPIRE : 375mm( 250mm ~ 500mm)

In my opinion, the larger the working distance, the larger area can be scanned at once.
We believe this will be more advantageous when merging after scanning.
But from your answer, it seems that working distance does not simply refer to the measurement range.
I couldn’t find any information about the FOV values ​​of revopoint’s product line. Can I know more about POP3 and INSPIRE FOV information?

This is distance in the fast mode 18 frame per sec at lower accuracy .
The Standard mode starts at 160mm
POP3 at 150mm

INSPIRE scanner have more narrow distance between sensors than POP3 that why it can even scan a ring . It is a bist of a scanner …

Here are POP3 working distance in all modes for various objects

Here are INSPIRE working distance in all modes for various objects

POP3 give you 3 Quality scanning Modes
High Accuracy
Standard Accuracy
Low Accuracy (High Speed ) for scanning large objects

Standard Accuracy
Low Accuracy ( High Speed) for scanning large objects

If your budged allows, go for POP3 , if you are on lower budged go for INSPIRE, no matter your choice you not gonna be disappointed , INSPIRE is definitely more than it offers …

The INSPIRE information regarding the distance is not 100% correct , I reported it already but seems not edited proper yet .