Original POP vs INSPIRE

Can anyone compare INSPIRE with original POP scanner (not 2 or 3) ?

I have the original POP and what I expect is to be able to scan smaller figures (action figures from Hasbro maybe).
Can I also scan dark hair better with INSPIRE ?

Also, I don’t see a specs comparison of these 2 scanners. What are the numbers if we compare ?

here is the specs comparison:

For scanning such small figures depending ond details you want to reproduce, mini might be the one for you.

I know this. But it doesn’t compare pop wirh inspire

POP 1 is there („POP", often next to “RANGE”) and so is Inspire.so for me these are comparable specs.:thinking:

INSPIRE is technically better than POP2 due to it’s new hardware … forget about the specifications , look at the all rests from the INSPIRE showcases , can POP do that ? Nope it can’t … you are good with your investment, trust me !

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