What's the difference between INSPIRE and other 3d scanners?

There are notable distinctions among our range of scanners in terms of their specifications:

Single-frame accuracy decreases from high to low as follows: MINI (0.05mm) < POP 2/3 (0.1mm) < INSPIRE (0.2mm) < RANGE/POP (0.3mm).

The single capture area increases from small to large at the standard working distance: MINI (118mm x 64mm) < POP 2/3 (225mm x 125mm) < INSPIRE (230mm x 140mm) < RANGE/POP (650mm x 360mm).

In addition to these distinctions:

INSPIRE and POP 3 boast a higher frame up to 18fps, whereas POP 2 is capable of up to 10fps, and POP can achieve up to 8fps.
In terms of appearance, INSPIRE and POP 3 feature LED light(s) and infrared lights, enhancing RGB texture and marker tracking capabilities.
As for the connector type, INSPIRE and POP 3 feature a type C connector, while POP 1/2, MINI, and RANGE are equipped with a Micro B connector.
Notably, INSPIRE stands out with its lightweight design, weighing a mere 140g, compared to MINI (160g), POP 3 (190g), POP 2 (195g), RANGE (210g) and POP (225g).

We hope this comprehensive overview helps you understand the variations between our scanner models. Should you require further clarification or additional information, please feel free to ask.


Thank you! That’s a much better comparison than the FAQ on the website(s). That should replace the existing FAQ answers.


Hi @aolshove ,

Yes, we have replaced it. Thank you for this feedback! :blush:

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