Interested in getting into 3D scanning - Pop 2 versus Inspire

Hi revopoint community!

I’ve recently enjoyed learning CAD and reverse engineering vehicle parts in order to make my own bits and pieces.

I’d love to get myself a budget 3D scanner to help my process of mocking up and checking for interreferences, grabbing measuring points and curves, etc.

As a beginner I don’t want to drop a large budget so I’m looking at the following options…

  1. Pop 2
  2. Inspire

As I understand it, the inspire sits just above the pop 2 in terms of tech and accuracy, but which of the two would you recommend?

I’d be scanning things like;

  • Areas of an engine bay (say 30cm sections)
  • Steering knuckles/uprights
  • Wheel arches
  • Sections of bumper (ie. a front corner)
  • Dashboard center console area

If possible this may extend to larger areas but this isn’t quite on the agenda yet. I understand these models will likely be hard to track over larger surfaces so it’s not something I’m expecting.


Hi @yellowbits

Please go with INSPIRE, it is affordable and so much better already than POP2 even because of IMU what helps in handheld scanning so much .

I made some comparisons between POP2 and INSPIRE scanning car caps , and I INSPIRE was definitely a winner regarding the smoothness of the surface and stability while scanning .

INSPIRE is almost as good as POP3 .

Trust me on that

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