Where does the Inspire fit in the scanner lineup?

I’m having trouble understanding how the Inspire fits into the current revopoint scanner lineup (Mini, Pop, Range).

Perhaps naively, in terms of deciding which scanner to use, the mini seems designed for small objects, the Pop for medium size, and the range for larger objects; and with the Pop we’ve seen improvements in accuracy with the Pop2 and Pop3 (hinting that in future we may see a Mini2, Range2 etc.).

However with the possible exceptions of really small objects (<10mm), and really large objects (buildings and larger), the Mini, Pop, Range seems to cover all the bases.

So where does the Inspire fit; when is it intended that you would use the Inspire over the Mini, Pop3, Range?



Hi Matthew,

The INSPIRE is an entry scanner a lightweight scanner for a beginners in the line of NEW improved design.
It will fits in the line before POP3 regarding accuracy .

Obviously if you have POP3 , you don’t need INSPIRE

That’s all I can tell you at this moment .

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I think you need to have the entire line of scanners to work))

You don’t , there are still people that don’t have even one .

INSPIRE as POP3 is entire new improved line with so much extras . I donated my old POP2 and POP

The INSPIRE is in general for a new users , it is an entry scanner .

And as you know @Alex666 Structured light scanners only work in a range the hardware is made for , so indeed you need a different range / accuracy scanners to make it work , same with Artec or other companies that sells scanners .

from what i can tell from the link i would say its between the pop2 and the mini. the smallest area it can scan is 50mm by 50mm may be faster that the mini for scanning but not as detailed. and yes i imagine it wont be long before there is a more detailed mini for smaller items. fingers crossed.

Between POP2 and POP3 , POP3 have better accuracy than INSPIRE .

MINI is after POP3

Thanks for the responses.

So if I understand correctly, the Inspire can effectively be throught of as a “POP3 Lite” (which might have been a better name :wink: ) with the intention of having a price tag to reflect that.


It is actually very good , considering the price tag, it gonna be a well selling one for a new users .

I hope so. Other company have just announced a competitor to the mini and it looks impressive!! I dont know the price point yet but this is going to really put the mini up against it. It does impressive colour and very small detail too. I went with the pop3 because of the colour option. I would have got the mini if it done colour.

Which competitors? I’m looking for a scanner to scan small figs (like warhammer, D&D, etc). I thought of the mini but after my bad experience with the Range, I doubt the accessibility/simplicity for everyone of Revopoint products and I look a little at the competitors :sweat_smile:

The forum TOS don’t allows listing other scanners competitor in our forum and threads . Especially those that copy cat Revopoint products .

If you fail with Range what is the most easy to use scanner on the market you will fail with everything else .

Meaning …structured light scanner have some rules and workflow that you need to follow to be successful with , in most cases the major issues are the object itself that dont have enough features to be scanned or made from mayerials that are not friendly to be scanned …

You have to learn it or switch laser scanning .

I undestand about not listing other scanners competitors. But about so-called copies of revopoint products :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … Proof that these are copies? Who copies who :sweat_smile:? Revopoint has patents on these? I don’t know all about this area :blush:

Sorry to contradict you on this :sweat_smile:. Fortunately, I have already used some old 3D Systems (Sense) scanners with which I was able to scan correctly from the first time. But it is true that the quality was not the same.

Sense was good when there was nothing else , but not comparable in quality at all .

All the newest light structured technology works on the same principles now no matter who made them …the only difference is that most of the companies lie about the true capacity… my friends fail for it already not once .

I can archive professional results for my work with MINI, POP3 or Range and not be shamed of using it , it simply deliver . Hardware is solid … software can use more improvements, but since it is still a baby …it need more time .

If that was not the case , I would not endorse Revopoint scanners … I use them for my work after all .

So going back to your original question , what type of small object you want to scan with MINI , any picture ? What material , lots of features ? Size?

I can tell you if it is worth to get MINI for it or not .

I do not question your work and your advice which are essential :smile:. Thank you very much for all your work here :+1:.

I only highlight the speech that was made during the first Kickstarter campaigns which indicated an ease of handling accessible to everyone (beginner or professional). After many readings, exchanges with other users and having tested myself, we know that this is not the case: scanning 3D objects requires additional equipment and an expertise.

For my part, I want to scan warhammer or D&D type figs. The mini would be more suitable for this type of work. But I see Revopoint starts to release scanners like hot cakes :sweat_smile:: won’t there be a mini 2 before to buy a mini 1?

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The thing is, if Revopoint do release a Mini 2 then it doesn’t suddenly make Mini 1 a bad product.
I use Mini very frequently when I need to capture surface detail of very small things. Mini is good enough to resolve the thread on an M5 bolt for example.
However, as with all scanner it requires patience and practice. Nowhere near as much patience and practise as in the past, but still requires some.

Mini would be ideal for your use case.

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I don’t think it is a hot cake production , each scanner is created for complete different work scenario and many users don’t understand that .

The new improved line of POP3 and INSPIRE is a new hardware line , improved on so many levels requested by the users themselves , I don’t think that is anything wrong with it … users wanted it and they got it …

There will be many new products in the future , that’s what Revopoint do , creates and improves … you think they should not do that ? They would not survive by selling just one scanner … look how many scanners have Artec…

Structured light scanners are in nature only good at the minimum distance they offer … for that reason you need all of them for the specific range to be converted .

And regarding your question about you scanning miniatures, yes MINI will be the one to go here … INSPIRE it is made for medium scans , not mini scans and you need lower than 0.05mm accuracy to scan miniatures .

The name MINI means for scanning miniatures … not because the scanner is small .

It’s just the few differences between POP 3 and INSPIRE that make me wonder about the need to release this latest version (except to meet a need - which one? - to make money, yes I’m All right).

Of course there will be other models: that’s normal :smile: ! But here we have 6 scanners in less than one year. Working in electronic design, I know from experience that such frequent releases are generally not good for the customer who wants to keep its equipment on average for 1 or better 2 years: optimizations or fixes of previous hardware versions (when it’s possible…) are very often abandoned purely and simply. I hope I am wrong :hugs:

It is very affordable , the point is to reach new users that can afford it , especially a hobby users that don’t have high budget.

POP3 is on another level , nothing to compare here … but not every hobbyist can afford it at full price or even need it .

Making money you say ? At that price ? With that hardware ? Very little if not at all
There are hundreds of people behind the work that need to be paid to make it happens, and not they don’t work for a $1 a day , or reselling others products for profit …
It sounds to me like a conspiracy theory, you have no idea my friend what for hard work everybody is doing on a daily basis for bringing out the products … and how much it cost to promote it , a single country promotion can cost to $100K in a week … what they do from INSPIRE is a drop in a sea vs the production costs, you just look at the final collection numbers , not knowing most of it will never reach anybody pocket , it was already spent …