When and how to use the white leds on the miraco?

I see the option to turn it on? In some video I saw it flashing while scanning but the button I found just turns it on as a flash. Is the purpose of white leds to be able to scan details in shadow areas?

hi! it is only useful when scanning colors as it eliminates the shadows. no use if scanning without colors.

When you scan in color and use the LED , make sure your white balance and exposure is set to Manual , so you get uniform colors, especially with big objects …

best to calibrate the white balance is to use a gray card , gray wall , any neutral gray background or a color charts photograph card , very helpful, after that set the Exposure to Manual and adjust the level , remember you not taking pictures , so slightly less over exposed settings will works better , especially with lots of white color in any . Too much exposed colors will create bad textures .

as Ivan already stated , it is only to scan using COLOR textures and also for Calibration … for regular scanning turn it off

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Thank you both @ivan and @PUTV