Considering the MIRACO few questions

I hope you don’t mind if I ask what may seem like some basic questions, but I’ve been unable to find clear answers:

How crucial is lighting for achieving a good scan when texture and colors are not a concern?

Does the scanner emit a flash during operation? Would it be disruptive to others if I were in a dimly lit room?

Hi @Warrell
When scanning without color or textures you can do that in complete darkness , MIRACO uses infrared lighting for scanning surface so it don’t needs any other lighting sources .

However if you calibrate MIRACO you need good lighting source because of the RGB camera as well .

The LED lighting is only used when you scanning using color mode , you can always shut down the lighting in the settings or under RGB camera settings so it will not fire any lights at all .

In calibration mode the LED will be turn on automatic to help calibrating the RGB camera together with the Depth camera sensors .

So if you plan to scan in complete darkness you can do it without any supporting lighting .

MIRACO is like a night vision , it sees the surface thanks to infrared projector and depth sensors , infrared light is not visible to human eyes .

I hope it helps

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