External Illumination Light Color Recommendatio?

I have photography lamps with which I can change the color and intensity of the light on the subject I would like to scan. Is there an ideal light color or frequency range or light temperature that works best with Revopoint scanners?

The be recommended light color would be around 4200 K for best color rendition , however the white balance is still only automatic so sometimes it can adjust itself if your object have dominant color like yellow or blue …
In the future there will be manual white balance for a better color rendition .

If you use POP3 with it’s build in LED ON it works much better already , for any other scanners it can shift …

I refer to under exposure my RGB camera as it is easier to adjust later after scanning than over exposed textures or color per vertex especially if there is white color in the textures .

I would suggest you setup your lighting while the RGB exposure is on Auto , then switch it to manual for the rest of the session .

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great advice… thank you very much. I will test my filters to see which one is closest to 4200 K. thanks again. :slight_smile: