Miraco LED lights not blinking

So With the POP series the white LED lights can be turned on and they blink wihich works perfectly for scanning glossy bowling balls. I got the miracle and the white LED s just stay on solid when I turn them on which only leads to a reflection of the lights. Why no option to set the LED lights to flashing mode vs steady???

Hi @Jlclaude

Thanks for reaching out, I’ll check with the dev team and get back to you soon.

That’s not true , the blinking or steady light do nothing to the reflections , reflection are always there no matter ,each time RGB camera taking color photo the LED is on , for that reason the not blinking LED do not create more reflections as the blinking one .

The main reason for the MIRACO to having not blinking light is to avoid side effects in people that can’t handle blinking light for one or another reason .

So no matter blinking or not it don’t affect anything in the color textures .

If you want to get rid of the reflections on your objects , use polarized filter , it will completely remove any reflections from the light source .

You can get one on Amazon , you can cut it in small fragments and stick to the led and RGB camera or course the one need to be vertical and the other horizontal .

I use it on all my scanning lights .

yes the reflection from sources around are there but unless I just had some crazy setting right or something on the 50 balls I have scanned so far with reflective surfaces I am able to not have the bright spots for the lights showing. When the lights are solid as they are this one it has a solid ring around it of the light. I am not here to argue science or photo with you just stating the fact that using the software and having the blinking lights I am able to reproduce a 3d model that does not have the prominent reflection of the solid LEDs as it is with this model. I will for sure look into the polarized filter as I love the Miraco so far and the ability to have both near and far cameras in one hand held device.

You can actually check the images that are captured under the project , they both have reflections no matter what scanner you are using . I have all scanners and they all produces reflections .

What is different here is the Computer Revo Scan 5 and the MIRACO Revo Scan software and the texture mapping processing that is different on MIRACO .

There is nothing to argue about , the reflections are there blinking or not , what is the point of using LED if they are not visible while capturing textures ? It can’t magically disappear leaving behind nothing , if it produce light , it produce reflection the law of physics .

The software can remove most of the reflection by align proper the images and that is the reason why in some cases you don’t see the reflections as different software and scanner handle it differently.

So to fix that issue to minimum the software need to be adjusted for MIRACO or simply use diffused light or stick diffusing filter over your MIRACO led to eliminate this issue to minimum.

Try the Polarized filter , they works amazing , not only removing LED reflections but also fresnel effect giving more reach colors that can be used better way in PBR rendering .

While beta testing MIRACO we all tested it out and the results was amazing .
I use it now on all my scanners .

order some polarized filter sheets up from Amazon as you suggested to try it out. I am looking forward to it as I am always playing around and trying to get better and better results. Will updated when I get some cut up and on.

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That’s great , I use them also on my supporting side LED lights panels , working like a charm …

Just keep the positions right , horizontal for the RGB camera and vertical for all other lights sources .

Looking forward to see your results !

okay got the polarized filter on the lights and RGB camera and this is amazing! I will have to upload a before and after of how it looks on a ball but wow the reflections gone and I am even using a bright flood light in front of the ball now and the color is amazing.

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BTW CRI 95 LED light is the best for color rendition , not lower than CRI 80 .

It is amazing what a simple filter can do right ?
I use it on all my scanners , glad to hear that you like the results , looking forward to see your comparisons , I am sure other users get inspired from it and "upgrade " to the next level as well .