Recalibration query

Does the Miraco or software tell the user to recalibrate please? How will I know when if there’s no visual or audible indication. Thanks

Hi @Revo_Girl , you should not recalibrate the scanner , the calibration process take a while and if you do it wrong you make it worse .

The indicator that your scanner needs recalibration is simple , use marker mode with marker plate , if the markers are fully visible in red , you don’t need calibration , the only cases that tell you that you need recalibration are ghosting of your scans like double features or the markers in marker mode are not clearly visible.

I highly recommend that you stay away from calibration if not necessary , if you don’t have significant issues it will not make scanning better .
Lose of tracking is related to objects without proper features .

So that’s the last thing you should worry about .
I see many people calibrating their scanners before even using it, biggest mistake ever .

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Thank you for clarifying babes. So basically if support says if there’s issues. Last resort

Pretty much, yes. The scanners are calibrated from the factory.

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Thank you so much for your help