What scanner to choose?

Hello Revo,
I followed this thread at my time off purchase I also procured the Shinning 3D Einstar.
I can assure u the fusing in the Shinning software justs ŵorks, it tracks perfect then produces a cloud or mesh. The scanning ive done with the revopoint mini perhaps 2 days was accomplished in 2hrs. Given the volumes recommended are apples and oranges, I think there is a serious problem in the software or the way u present the method of scanning. U say scan a surface then stitch it together but if you do 5 revolutions David it fuses no problem. Hmmmm.


In continuation,
I’ve just had my first win with the Revopoint mini (after a week’ish’), the main difference from the Shinning is that if the shinning isn’t tracking it stops it wont progress, then the user will have to find. The turntable system which promises automation doesn’t do this it pushes thru, and the user will have to repeat the scanning from the beginning until the settings are corrected, or the problematic axis is deleted.
I think you need to be honest with your marketing because when you sell a product that doesn’t quite deliver consumers can be vindictive, the thought crossed my mind, but i want the ability to scan a multitude of sizes & shapes so I pushed on and developed my skills & hope to convince Revopoint to invest in the development not the marketing, If you have a good product the market share will reflect your product regardless.


Yes I agree.
The Revopoint software is utter junk.
I also use Shining software.
Far better.


hello what software are you using? how can i download it?

Does the Revopoint mini run on Shinning 3d software?

It does not. I think he was merely referring to Shining’s software suite to be better when using Shining’s scanners. In some respects, yes it is. In others, no it isn’t.

@rilot…In your personal opinion(ignoring the hype of Revo and Shining), which scanner has better acquisition software(ease of use) and better quality of scans? MINI or Einstar? I know you have both scanners and had just received your Einstar the last time I was on this forum. I remember the hype both companies put out…the youtube videos exclaiming how “easy” each scanner is to setup and start acquiring 3D data…the awesome scan quality of each.

Looking for a MINI or Einstar answer. Thanks!!

Mini is far an away better than Einstar for quality of scan. Einstar is more on the level of Pop1 and Pop2.
I sold my Einstar because I just wasn’t using it.

As far as software is concerned, Einscan has the edge with capture. However, the gap is closing with every release of Revoscan. Some features in the Einscan software I would like to see added to Revoscan are the ability to select and remove unwanted scan data before fusing, and the ability to align multiple scans within Revoscan rather than having to go out and in to RevoStudio to do it.

However, saying that, where Revoscan has the edge is speed. The Einscan software can be quite clunky and slow to use. They both have their plusses and minuses and I use Einscan software regularly with my Einscan-SE (which is still excellent despite being much older than any of the Revopoint items and the Einstar) but my main go-to scanner is the Mini. The Pop2 I use if I need to scan something large-ish.


@rilot…I was considering the Einscan-SP to supplement my ancient Creaform 800. Still scans great but bolt hole locations can be tricky. Not good enough to reverse engineer their locations from just the 3D scan. What about a comparison of the SE vs MINI? I would assume the SP would be a little different than the SE. Thanks again!!

SP and SE are largely the same. The only difference is that the SP is manufactured to slightly better tolerances. The SE is software crippled to prevent scanning in marker mode. The SP also comes with a tripod and some good reverse-engineering software (Geomagic Essentials). SP is also slightly faster although this is artificial and done through the software.

Mini Vs Einscan-SE/SP? I’d pick the Mini still for the stuff I do. It’s much faster to make a scan and more versitile due to being much smaller and easier to move about.



@mike22590 MINI is for scanning mini objects , that why it is called MINI , comparing MINI to Einstar is like comparing MINI to POP2

You will have totally different results with both , Einstar can’t scan what MINI can and vice versa .

So you compare here apple to orange.
The makers of Einstar said that their new scanner is not usable for reverse engineering due to lower accuracy .
And the accuracy is lower than POP2.


I agree…that’s why I’m getting an Einscan SP.

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