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Hi everyone! I’m been using the revopoint mini for some time now and I totally enjoy it!!! But after using other 3d scanners I miss some features in the software that would be nice to have:
It would be nice to have an hybrid alignment when scaning (features and Markers) and in the Revo Studio would be nice to have a texture manual alignment tool.
Also better selection tools for cleaning in the Revo Studio with the capability to intersect or substract from a selection of points to easy select tricky points, and have an option for hide selected points and unhide all option to better analize some data.
Anyway that is my 2 cents!!! if anyone has the same feelign about my dream please, please make some noise so the developers can work on this features for future release of the software!

Thanks Revopoint your products are amazing!

The new upcoming Revo Scan 5 is totally new software design , there would be no need for a Revo Studio anymore in the near future.

I would wait with the suggestion for after the release.

Regarding Marker and Feature Mode

Marker Model : the whole point of scanning using Marker mode is to ignore the features of the object .
If you merge the both modes you still will have issues with tracking , as symmetrical features of the objects will still mess up the tracking .

Regarding Textures
Textures depends of the UVs of a model , Revo Studio is not a modeling or texturing program but simple cloud point editor.
It don’t have the capacity to be able to texture 3D scans .

Thanks!!! that was quick!!! I hope with the version 5, We will have a lot of new features!

Now regarding hybrid tracking I ask if it is possible to have something similar to the einstar features & markers tracking… that feature for me was a really time saver, another scanners that has a lof of software features and has an impressive software is the scanners from creaform (I know they don’t compare and are super expensive) but I have the opportunity to see a demo near me and totally blow my mind the speed and accuracy of the tracking.

Anyway I think revopoint has benn doing a great job! I just wonder why some other software has some features that seems to be really great, so you know as a user I want to have the best features of other software packager too!

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You see Einstar have much large FOV so the tracking is much easier but not flawless as I actually used it and the tracking was at the level as with any other structured light 3D scanners plus it relay heavy on your workstation capacity, the new Ranger 3D scanner by Revopoint tracking issue is almost not existing as the hardware is different and so the new optical sensors still it works with a simple phone , the other scanners can’t do that so we have to find here a middle ground and comparing both would be like apple to oranges. .

Other software features are based on other company technology , this include their hardware as well in combination.
It is not so easy to just copy others ideas as there is more to it than just a software , not to mention patents , copyrights and licensing plus we want to have the device still affordable .

I am sure Revopoint improving everything as much as they can at this moment and will add more great features in the future as the software evolve to next level .
Upcoming Revo Scan 5 is already a game changer compared to what we had one year ago , it is all a matter of time .

We all want to have the best features to scan objects easier and faster , that’s the goal after all for Revopoint .

Suggestion and ideas are as always more than welcome .


i mean technically you can have a hybrid just by using dots on feature mode. It’ll pick up the dots/ holes and allow you to use them for alignment points if it doesn’t auto align using them as features. it wont recognize it as a marker but it’ll usually work the same :slight_smile:

Practically you can stick small pieces of tape to the parts where there are not much features and have it perfectly tracked or scanned .
I am actually using cubes for that , some also have magnets that can be stick to metal surfaces .

Or additional elements around the scanned object for better tracking

This subject is about tracking while scanning not alignment after scanning .

For alignment I use color mode , I paint mini blue dots on the surface where there are no features if I scan multiple angles separately , and later the RGB data allows me to align the fragments perfectly based on the dots in Revo Studio or CC.
It is better as you don’t have to deal with bumps and holes on the surface .

yup I use blue tape all the time it’s a huge help I also do blue tape with sharpie on it to create a hole so it’s a “feature” haha…

and I realize it’s about tracking not aligning but it technically helps for both if you’re scanning in pieces

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Of course it is and can be used for both .

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