Installing on a Android Device

I bought a new tablet thats running Android 10 and I couldnt find Handyscan in the play store so I downloaded it from your site. I got it to install and it goes through the paces and when its done it says App is not installed? Any help would be appreciated

How did you install it?

On my Android devices, I have to enter Developer mode to allow for installations from other than the Play Store.

After that, copying the APK to the phone and executing it from there has always worked. You did uninstall previous versions, right?

Thank’s for the help. It’s a brand new device I bought it just for this scanner so there was no other versions on it. I’m not sure what specs are for this android app I tried to search for it but couldn’t find anything. I downloaded the file from their web site and clicked on it to install.

What did you do to allow installation from Unknown Sources?

Where did you put the APK file?

What did you see when you activated it?

I changed the settings so it would let me install from unknown sources and I left the file in the download folder. When I click on it the first thing that comes up is staging app then do I want to install and then it finishes and says app not installed.

My process was pretty much the same, except I installed from Google Drive and it said it was installed at the end.

Do you have any apps that will clear out junk files on your phone? Perhaps rebooting your phone and making sure that the other processes you normally run have been quit will allow you to successfully install the app.

Thanks Jeff for your suggestion. It’s a new Tablet and I’m not much of a android person so I bought it just for the scanner. Trying to use the wifi on my ios phone is hit and miss so I wanted something that you can hook up direct and get better connection. but I guess I’m at square one again.

I gave up and sent it back to amazon I’m guessing it was the android 10 go OS causing it. Now I’m at square one trying to find something Android so I can use it any suggestions on a phone or tablet all I need it for is for the scanner

Just a guess, but how much did you pay for that tablet?

I bought a tablet that claimed to be Android 10, but it was only $120.

Turns out, it was Lollipop (Android 5) and it lied about its memory, too.

I got a refund, but they didn’t want the tablet back, so now I use it for my recipes.

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@chad2323 I would suggest you to get any phone with android 11 that support dual band WiFi 5Ghz , minimal 4GB memory and as much internal memory as possible. I just got TCL 10L Android 11 phone for my POP2 on amazon, it was $260 but with 6GB RAM and 256GB internal memory, so I am good to go , POP2 works amazing with TCL 10L, You can use Hotspot,WiFi,USB-C all works perfect.

Looks like you can get it for $240 right now they have special $30 coupon

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Thank’s for the suggestion I went out and did the same thing nice phone got it installed hook it up and start the app it looks for a device and then it just stops. On the app theres a small red usb logo I think. I went to developer options and click usb debugging but that didn’t work. It’s hard doing a search for this topic any suggestions?

Perhaps try WiFi mode.

The POP 2’s default wireless connection configuration is as a router having the name “POP…” followed by a portion of the serial number. It’s easy to pick out of the index of available routers on either your smart phone.

The password is “Revopoint3d”.

Connection to Revo Scan should be automatic.

Didnt buy this phone to use the wifi wanted to hook up direct. My iphone is able to connect to wifi but it’s so buggy cant depend on using it. I have the Android working for now I have to unplug the Usb c at times to get it to work but it’s working.

@chad2323 I am assuming you using the mobile double connector cable with an external power bank right ? this phone do support OTG but with the external power bank ( battery) it works flawless via USB C and the speed is optimized , if you want to use the phone as your power bank you will need to change the settings in your Revo Scan to WiFi and use just the 1 cable connector( USB-C) to power the POP2 via phone’s USB and connect POP2 to WiFi this way you optimize the data flow to maximum .

Also don’t forget that this phone will scan at the same speed when using the WiFi connection at 5Ghz with POP2 or setting the Hotspot with AP band at 5Ghz ( the options are under the Hotspot settings to change the AP Band speed) ) … all the connections delivering the same speed with this phone since I tested them all and the results was great .

Here are diagram of all possible connections types to your TCL 10L phone
All working at the same speed 10/fps