Weird scan is happening

Hi everyone,
I order my pop 2 with kickstarter and got it in february, but I’m having only now time to test it finally.

I did a quick test yesterday, with daylight and worked pretty well, just problems in colours obviously but the shape was recognised well.
same for another quick test with bulblight and tons of shadow durign the scan.

reading posts in the forum, I decided to roder a small light box set, it came with additional background in it.
did a test with it, but something weird is happening:
-I can see that even if the pop 2 it’s “horizontal”, in revo scan app the object looks “angled”
-during the scan it looses track of the object, even if the scan it’s shown in green, and the point clouds shows the shape like it’s duplicated.
with other objets a warning message that it lost track
-looking at the revopoint, I can see that the gap on one side is bigger than the other side…is it normal?

Sorry if questions sound stupid, just started exploring this world

here the problem

Thanks in advance,

Hi Lorenzo , what you show in the video is just point cloud frames , not fused frames , the object you scanned don’t have much features so it is possible you can get duplicate frames, after fusing and meshing it should looks ok .
Try to scan the bust that came with and see if the problem persist or it was just the simple object issue what is normal since not much features , remember simple objects are more difficult to scan than complex objects .

Regarding the gap, it should be not there , since it is brand new device please
contact the Customer service via email for future instruction before you attempt to fix it on your own . The device is still under Warranty so they should take care of it for you and assist you with future instructions .
This may be also reason why the camera don’t show your object straight in the camera preview what is not good .

No questions are stupid my friend

thanks for your reply.
I assumed wrongly that point cloud had to match straight away, like I think happened previously if I remember right, but I’m probably wrong.
I didn’t think to fuse them together…my bad.

I’m going to write to support to see what’s the problem with my pop 2, fingers cross.

Thanks again.

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After you capture the frames you need to fuse them to create point cloud where most of the frames would be removed if not matching , then you can see if your scan match the original, after you can mesh it for final object .

If after fusing the point cloud do not reflect the original object and you see weird artifacts, you can rescan it again .

You welcome and I hope your issues get resolved soon .

When scanning objects like this it can help a lot to place some other objects around the main object to help with tracking, l often use random sized lumps of blu tack around the object, normally 3 different shaped pieces is enough

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