Pop scanner is giving me trouble (not scanning propperly)

Hi there, my Pop scanner is connected (Windows) all works nice so far but its not scanning. I start the scan and objects appear, the software tells me about the objects in the right range exept i see the objects only in red and the scan wont take it over as a green scanned object. What could be the problems here and which are the parameters which I might adjust in order to get results. Could it be too bright surrounding light?

Hi @Bildermensch
Can you post a screenshot of your software ? While scanning the object ?
It would help to see what is going on for real .

Now I am realy feeling as if I am up crappy creek. Now i installed the latest software. The scanner connects, but seems as if its doing nothin. Scan window is not showing any not even red objects like before. Later I will do an entire system restart and I hope that fixes my problems.

Not really , it is not good behavior , not your fault.

Try to adjust the Range level here , you have set to max 30 cm between the object and the scanner

Do not scan close to window lighting , especially no sun light

Try adjust the scanning Range , if not helping , I will move this thread to customer service for technical assistance

I also see that your frame speed is below the proper speed , it will be difficult to scan anything at that speed

Technically it looks like the depth sensor failed… as I see no activity in the software

Try to put white paper in front of the scanner and check if you get any reaction of the depth camera preview

But probably you don’t from what I see

I will target in @Revopoint-Jane to check on you tomorrow when the office opens .

You can also write to customer@revopoint3d.com with a link to this thread and your forum Nick name for faster technical hardware support .

Hi there,
and a big thanks for your help so far! I did the restart and got results again. Not realy nice, but its a step ahead. I monitored the Frame rate and its very varying from 13 to 61.
The scanning range is also in a way very much responsible if the scanner shows something or not.
When I activate the “track trackpoints” mode i am not getting scanned results. Only in track features mode i get a result.
I feel i am getting closer but i am working on a bussiness where I need the scanner to work in a decent manner without too much trouble while prepearing a scan (Faces/heads).
Which of the newer scanners would get me decent results, or is my problem my computer not delivering the framerate needed?
Thanks for your help so far!

The frame rate of POP can be only at max 8FPS
Here it shows 3.0 FPS ( not 30)

Can you go to the system , and check if POP camera permission is set proper ?

Sometimes the system set the camera off so make sure it is allowed in your system setting .

For that you need to use markers , use the plate with the marker point , it is needed to activate the marker mode ( track points)

The best for Face head scanning is POP3 , for full body Range scanner

The frame rate may be affected by the speed of your USB port as well …

Did you connected via hotspot ? Or via USB ?

I am connecting via USB. Seems as if I need to invest in a POP3. When I buy one do they have a program where I can trade in the POP?

Right now there is no active trade program … the last one was in May …

You can try to make a hotspot on your computer and connect POP to see if your frame rate increases.

Remember if you have hardware issue you can get help from customer@revopoint3d.com and if is really broken get replacement if you still have valid warranty.

Check the Showcase section in the forum to check other scanner showcases so you get idea what they can do .