New to 3D Scanning Need help

Hey everyone, I’m new to 3D printing and I’m having some trouble.

My Mini seems to be out of alignment. I have excellent distance, and the table is connected and turning at the slowest speed. The piece is all white and non-reflective. I even tried it by hand, but the results remained the same. Despite trying 3 different models, the scans never line up. It’s very simple stuff, not too detailed. Do you have any ideas? It might be a good idea to calibrate, but I don’t know how.

The following are the errors displayed on screen
Losing Track
Failed to pre-process point cloud at launch.
Using a Mac, lasted OS and Firmware on the Mac and Revo Mini. Also Android note 20 phone.

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Can you capture a video of Revo Scan operating while scanning? It would help a lot to diagnose your problem.


Hello, I’m experiencing a similar problem with the Revopoint Pop. The first time I used the device it scanned excellently. However, after opening the software again the very next day and using the same settings, it started failing. I got the same message each time I attempted to begin a scan, “failed to pre-process point clouds.” The window where scanned point clouds normally show up was white and empty. The only way I could get any scanned points to show up is if I moved something in front of the device, but it seemed to no longer be able to see anything staying still. It seems like the depth camera feed lags behind the color camera feed by around 1/2 a second too, but I’m not sure if that’s related. I can record a video but I don’t think I can attach one to this message. How would you like me to send it?

Hi @Mastema for best support try to make video or if you can also check on your phone or if you have other device to see if the same problem persist , if the the depth camera sensors don’t working you should have nothing no matter moving or not . Are you using POP or POP2?
Also try to use different connection and see difference, usually if there depth cam feed is lagging you should get error code .

If you can’t pre process point cloud there is not enough frames captured , set the distance between the object and the scanner to 15-20 cm and try using the bust , if you can’t make video do screen shots .

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Hello @PopUpTheVolume

In this post I’ll report how I recreated the error and in future posts I’ll show or at least write about what happens when I try with the bust, with another connection, another computer, and with my phone.

The scanning device I’m using here is the Revopoint POP. In both videos where I recreate the error I use the body scanning mode. Both videos are unlisted so they can only be accessed by link. In the first and longer video I try different distances while the Revopoint is not recording to see if I can get it to register as not “too close.” I vary the distance between my hand and the scanner between ~5cm and ~150cm. It registers as too close the whole time. I move my finger back and forth and there’s a definite lag between the display of the RGB camera and the depth camera. There’s also random times where the feed seems to freeze.

In the second video I try to keep my hand at 15-20cm from the scanner and start the scanner recording. My video capture software, OBS failed to capture the pop-up “failed to pre-process point clouds.” message, but it did appear on screen at or immediately after the first frame. There is apparent lag between the feeds and apparent freezing on the display in this video too.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Mastema I will check your videos tonight and give you feedback .

Have you tried running the Task Manager so see CPU usage while scanning?