Website embedding of 3D models

I’m using a website based on wordpress.
Is there a quick method / workflow to have a viewer being able to view these .obj models?
Thanks in advance, Yes I’m new to this (but loving it ;-))

Check out this thread (a showcase of users’ scans):

They uploaded their models to Sketchfab ( ) and posted a link so that the 3D object could be rotated on a web page.

If you don’t want to rely on a 3rd party website, do some research on displaying 3D objects in HTML5.

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Meanwhile I found a Wordpress plugin that works as an OBJ viewer. Unfortunately gotta fix those OBJ files up see other thread :wink: will report back

test page here:

can load an object from the library, however doesn’t apply texture.
have uploaded .mtl and .jpg also, however it doesn’t get applied.
Could be the plugin?
Has anyone got that working yet?
here we go:
needed a manual HTML entry for .MTL file URL of woo3dviewer plugin code.
Now working as expected :wink: Pigs are looking up :wink: The experiments shall continue!

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Sketchfab is a subscription model, not suitable for me. Have a fast server

I have an account on Sketchfab, but I don’t pay anything for it. This popup in my profile indicates as many as 10 uploads per month on my free account.

Is that not suitable for your needs?

Might be giving me grief especially since I’m learning and experimenting with what works. And ideally I keep all assets in house :wink:

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I see you made it works I can view it even in a full window size , this is what I see , model and textures , however there is something on the right side that I guess should be not there

that’s a test page, the right one is a different plugin that’s obviously not working as expected.

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any further information on this?