GLB export option?

3DVista is working on 3D model support in their latest Beta. At this point in time it’s only GLB models that are supported on import.
It would be nice if I could save a step in the workflow and export scanned models to that format to accelerate the process.
Thanks for considering.
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Not many programs have it yet …
But as always there is a free quick converter

You can convert your obj scans easy If you don’t have other program to do so.

Converting models to other formats require licensing so not just a quick adjustment to the software .

Right now there is lots of stuff that need to be fixed and added to Revo Scan/Revo Studio but in the future additional formats may happen.

Thanks for your quick response and options,
Totally understand that you guys have other priorities right now… FYI I’m using Blender for that purpose right now

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I was looking for a solution to change the head of a humanoid model (fbx or vrm) with a scanned head (by Revopoint scanner)
Do you have an easy method for that ?
Can you point me to a tutorial ?

@ilkeraktuna import both the body and head to Cloud compare , resize the scanned head to the size of the body model, export both out as obj , import the body to Revo Studio ( new version ) cut out the original head with the lasso then load the scanned head as alignment, then with the tools adjust the placement exactly and click apply , then you can mesh it at 5, and export out for printing as new figure .

thanks for your reply but re-printing is not what I need. I am already able to do that with other methods.

What I was asking was to attach the scanned head to a humanoid in FBX or VRM format, so that we can use it in games, movie projects etc.

this no matter , you can do the same in Blender, Zbrush and any other 3D modeling program that support FBX

and since Cloud Compare support FBX you can do that and replace the head and export it as FBX , this is the cheap way since it will cost you nothing .

If you want to do that on already rigged FBX model then the learning curve is not so simple and requests a lot of learning and a proper software to rig the model after editing . No easy way.

so what you suggest is for a non-rigged model.
But I am asking for a way to put the head on a rigged model.
Do you say it’s not simple ?
no simple “remove the original head, replace with new head” method/tool ?

If you remove the original head then you destroy the rigging of the FBX model .
FBX have a lot of informations beside just the mesh .
I suggest you search YT for Blender tutorials and start learning how to edit / rig your FBX models for games.

Replacing the head is not big deal , but the model ( if rigged) will not function proper anymore , unless you replace the head and rig it yourself after for example in Blender or your game engine , it is up to you what path you choice .

ok. is there a tutorial to rig just the head and leave the rest of the body rigged as it is ?

That’s not how things works .
If you change the mesh you losing the whole rigging .

Check YT, it has everything you need to know about and lots of tutorials about it for various programs of your choice .