Problems exporting

Greetings everyone.

I don’t use my scanner much but I recently got a project to work on (private project, not professional setting) and I took extensive scans of an object.
I saved designs in .ply format but I can’t get to open them in other programs (like Windows 3D Builder or AutoCAD) to continue my work.

I’m currently using the latest version Revo Scan 5 when my past successful uses were on Revo Scan and Revo Studio (supposedly v4).

Am I doing something wrong in order to get these results?
Any help is appreciated.

Why you don’t export it as OBJ ? Technically no difference, the .ply you exporting use a rich format , that maybe why it don’t opens in your software .

And are you exporting point cloud or a mesh , that is another question …

Apologies for the late reply, been busy couple of days.
I tried .OBJ and got the same results, and I select “Export All” everytime.
Returning to the old Revo Studio to try exporting with it still gets me the same results so I’m not sure why it stopped working :pensive:

Can you send me the obj model zipped to , I will check on it …