Vm Windows on Mac M1

I have a new MacBook Pro M1 Max laptop and having a lot of trouble using any of the Revo software on it. The software does not recognize my camera no matter what I try to do. I also have an old Intel Mac and the software kind of works on that soI know it’s not the camera or cable
I’m considering installing parallels software on my M1 Mac and running windows 11 ARM virtual machine on it and I’m if the revopoint software would work on it. Does anybody have any idea?

Otherwise I’m going to but a windows laptop because the latest are I software on a MacBook Pro M1 max os Monterey is just too frustrating to use.


I can’t help you much with MAC , but from what I know Revo software will not works on windows 11 ARM , so save yourself frustrations .

if you consider buying a Win tablet or laptop make sure you have at least 8-16 GB RAM lower than 8GB RAM may crash the software when you scan bigger scans , some scan I do use over 8GB in one session .

Thanks for the reply.
Windows discontinued windows 10 for ARM support and only 11 works. (Mac silicon M1 is built on ARM Architecture) I just spent $7000 on a loaded MacBook M1 for my business editing and now have to buy another laptop for this. The revo scan software for Mac M1 needs much work. I hope it gets fixed soon. Windows 11 ARM is going to be common place as hardware makers plan to use it in most of their portable devices as it takes a lot less power than Intel chips do.

@jpw If you’re using an M1 Mac, you can’t use the Intel (x64) version of Windows 11 that Revo Software requires. You’ll instead need to register for the Windows Insider Program then download a copy of Windows Client ARM64 Insider Preview which will come in a VHDX disk image file. This is the only way , but then there is a question , will the USB-C works ? or you will have to use it via WiFi ? you can always try before wasting money on another device that may not even works , since lots of people have issues with USB3 me included , and I spend $10K on my PC workstation, but it runs fine via USB-C or WiFI

Thanks for that honest response… I guess i’m not alone buying expensive computers that don’t fulfill every need possible…
I’m also having issues with a couple of 4k logitech brio cameras that Logitech won’t support on Mac M1 so I’m seriously thinking of buying a good windows 10 laptop because I imagine that the M1 incompatibility issue with other software will be around for a while. I know very little about PC’s so its going to be a huge learning curve for me.

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I am in need for another laptop that is lightweight and have plenty of RAM for use it outdoors without the need for fuse my point clouds each time I am scanning something .

Revopoint 5 works quite fine, but it’s been built for intel Macs, not apple silicon, therefore, it runs in emulation through rosetta 2. That’s why you’re not getting the full power of your Mac.
I’m in the same situation, 3DMakerpro (JMstudio) also runs through Rosetta 2.
Given the recent review of the M2 ultra Mac Pro, I’ afraid that serious professionals are going to ditch Apple altogether In favor of a system that can support a discrete Nvidia GPU, leaving Macs to a niche market. The days when Apple ruled the 3D industry is gone. It will have to be reconquered, if that even happens.
Indeed this is a sad day for apple owners.

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My partner’s daughter got a ‘budget’ yet powerful MSI gaming laptop.
MSI Pulse GL66 12 UEK
15,6"QHD OLED 165Hz - Core i9 12900H - 16Go 1TB SSD - RTX3060 6GB Windows 11
Ram can be upgraded.
I can’t wait to install Revostudio 4 on it. I stil think it’s better at tracking and stitching in one single scan as well as export with Denoise than v5.

Sorry, it’s anything but lightweight.

You can install both RS4 and RS5 on the same computer , RS5 do exactly the same thing as RS4 , you just need to know what proper setting to setup to get the desire result , plus POP 3 and Range have now additional simple fusing algorithms from RS4 … so things got even better … I would not use Range or POP3 on RS4 , it was not created for that , but any other scanner will still working fine ( beside textures ) as RS4 do bad job on it in RS4 .

I have both installed, as well as Blender, Cloud Compare and a few others. Although i must admit experiencing crashes when using poisson reconstruction within CC as well as Revo4 when Hitting undo too fast or trying to import .plys.

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That is system related issue, I have 64GB RAM and I-9 CPU and still need to be gentle while pushing buttons using the software , working with models on that scales is heavy on the system .