Suggestion : Revoscan 5 Mac optimisation

I’ve noticed that the Mac version was programmed for Intel macs, so it’s running in emulation through Rosetta. An Apple silicon port would be lightning faster. I’d like to add it to the wishlist for future versions.
Full apple silicon support (GPU support would be even better) is a must have for mac owners. I’d be happy to participate in a beta program if it can help achieve that. Regards.


+1 for some Mac love. 5.4.1
I can’t even get scans from the miraco on to my Mac without adding a windows machine into the workflow.

I’ve also noticed that the point size on my Mac Studio is much larger than on the PC next to it, making it hard to see details on the point cloud. I don’t think it’s always been that way, but I can’t pinpoint when it started. I can’t find any options for something like Cloud Compare’s default point size setting if such a thing exists.

Odd, It works fine for me. M1 Max MacBook with 5.4.1 RevoScan. What issue are you seeing specifically?

+1 from me on an M1 native port though.

I can’t get the Miraco to transfer files either via usb or WiFi. I’ve tried various cables, flavors of usb, different ports both on the Mac and through different hubs both powered and unpowered. WiFi transfer just throws a generic “transfer failed” popup - I posted some pics in a different thread. Good to know it’s working for you. When transferring do you get any indication from either the revoscan desktop client or your Mac that anything is happening?

Another +1 from me for a native Apple Silicon version.