Use of the rotation gizmo?

I’m unable to click or do anything with the rotation gizmo: my fault or is just there for visualization purposes? it would be nice to be able to align the scan to world axes prior to export

Hi @Clockworkpictures

I struggled with that as well at first. The ball is a rotational reference - it allows you to see where the pivot point of the model is and it’s orientation in relation to X, Y, and Z planes. The default orientation is defined by the first captured frame.

Currently it looks like Revoscan doesn’t have the ability to change the model orientation.

Personally, I’ve been manually adjusting in whatever software I import the finished model into, though I agree I would love to see an option to adjust. Ideally a “orient face to plane” feature like in many 3D slicers, or to select 3 points on the point cloud to define orientation.

The point cloud or mesh can’t change it’s original position before final texture mapping , it is linked to all frames and data files in your project folder .

Same as you can’t move mesh in photogrammetry before you do not generate texture maps … you can rotate everything but not the original space position before you finishing the process

The same rules apply in Revo Scan … it is scan processing software , not modeling software .

Changing the original space position will need to include all axis since not all programs in the world run by the same axis or zero ground position . It is not universal .
Each printing software have easy to use tool to snap your model to the right position and all modeling software have own precision gizmos .

We need so many important features to be added to Revo Scan 5 , like manual merge alignment, sharpening/contrast feature, wireframe preview on mesh , better texture mapping process , better isolation feature and overlapping feature.

That is the priority at this moment … that we need to be pushed at first …