How to orientate the scan

Hello Revo fam. Been having a good play around with Revostudio the last few days and I’m actually quite impressed, up till now I’ve always created meshes in revo scan but from now on I’ll use studio for sure, way more control and options. Previous workflow has used meshmixer and or Recap Photo to clean up and reduce STL’s but now most things can be done in revostudio and most functions are easier.
I do have one function I need that still makes me need to use meshmixer. I can’t seem to find a solution in studio and I need help or advice.

I can’t orientate or align the mesh.

I scan a lot of things upside down or angled so when I insert the mesh into another program it is still upside down. For example I scan a boot with the sole facing up, but I want to have the soul at zero Z height.
Can studio quickly and easily reorientate the mesh and save it’s position to stl?
If not is this functioned planned in future revisions?

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Same question. Solidworks isn’t letting me do the usual tricks to align these 3D scanned imported parts, even in an assembly. Anyone have a digital trick to enable orientation, or do we need to monkey around with the physical techniques during scanning?

The scan orientation depends of the scanner position when it hit the first frame, and no the Revo Scan don’t allows changing orientation, you need to use modeling software to do that .

Use Cloud Compare , you can align everything manually or register your partial point clouds to perfection . Best solution here.