Model orintation after scanning

Hi all.
Orintation 1

How can I get the orientation to be flat in the RevoScan5 software, when I want to 3d print after scanning. In my printer, the item does not lie flat on the print platform.

Simple answer you can’t , use your printer’s slicer software to position your printed object .

Thanks for answer. It it not easy to in the slicer program and i can´t just not push a bottom and then it is plain on the bed :-/ I can ajust i with the rotations, but it is not accurate


From own experience, I never print directly scans, I always pass them through Meshmixer first, for general checking and also for things like orientation.

I notice in your capture that you mention Prusa. I am not familiar with them, but, isn’t this perhaps what you need ?


I use prusa slicer very easy one click ! plus you have lots of adjusting options to perfection

Think you maybe misunderstood me. When I scan the item never comes in a flat position compared to if I want to print and that’s where I have the problem. I can’t find any “one click” options in the slicer program that can do this so that it lies completely flat on my print bed. I’ve googled it and I’ve seen some who write that you have to go through a CAD program where you then have to change the X and Y direction, but then it suddenly becomes a bit cumbersome.
So to return to my original question, it should be here in Revoscan 5 where you should be able to turn/rotate the subject so that it fits in relation to the position you now want (normally it will just be flat)

Orientation of a 3d model is done by the slicer program… Not by the 3d scanner… The scanner simply generates the model.

Some things aren’t a simple click and it’s done.

Most slicers look for flat geometry - a 3d scan won’t have any as there will be little discrepancies. A 3d modelling program can fix that, but once again - it’s not necessarily a single click fix.

Hi Thanks for all your answer and think we maybe not understand each other correctly and in order not to drive my question into a longer discussion, we’ll just close it here. Thanks for your input

It is like krofinski (did yo watch the linked video?) and PUTV said, trully a 1-click solution. In Prusa Slicer (and most of other slicer I know) you go to orientation and click on the polygon which the whole model than is oriented to. :thinking: Did you try it but still have problems? Please let us know what that problem is.


Basically what he wants is to scan the object, then fix its orientation so that whenever any other program uses it, it’s still in that orientation. So say you scanned a stick, and orientated it vertically - he wants it to retain that orientation when loaded into the slicer. It should be possible to change the orientation in revoscan, but how other programs use it is down to them.

But as you quite rightly said - you pick the orientation by what you click on. Downloaded models have usually been modified, so there is a flat plain. 3d scans don’t have these unless they’ve been post processed - which is the part that seems to be getting misunderstood. I think the saying about the horse and water applies.

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Until revopoint makes it possible from within revoscan you actually can settle the orientation the way descibed above in the slicer and then save the object , as stl for example. The orientation will be saved as well.


I printed so many objects scanned in Revo Scan and had no issue with one click orientation , and if the object is not flat you can still manually change it and adjust including the level … this is not a rocket science to have a debate about it .

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If you use Prusa slicer i is on the right side , you can also use manual orientation and rotate it proper for your needs , I did this so many time .

at this moment Revo Scan do not offer that option .


No - I simply meant that it is very simple to set something into the correct orientation for printing - but if he was looking to make it like a modeled item with flat surfaces, etc - you’d have to do a tiny bit of button pressing.

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Its a workaround to use the slicer. it works good.
i miss the tool in revoscan, too. when exporting the scan to fusion, it is the same. so go over a slicer and hope for a orientation in Revoscan :slight_smile:


also I made a simple python script for orientation to world frame in X and Y Axis: GitHub - SphaeroX/align_mesh_to_coord

If u want to reconstruct it in your CAD Program. (Hopefully it will be integrated in RevoScan too)

Tool: GitHub - SphaeroX/align_mesh_to_coord

Here’s the suggestion Thread for RevoScan, u can support it by vote that up:

Revo Scan is not a modeling software , orientation feature would be of course helpful but that is not as easy feature since all files in that project depending on the original position of the model when it was scanned .
It would be easy to do that after model is textured and meshed .
Not before that .

When you create a photogrammetry model you don’t change the point cloud model or mesh orientation and then texture it after .
The same rules applies here …

Revo Scan don’t create CAD models , it is a scanning software with the priority of creating point cloud … the rest is just add on …

Not to mention that not all software uses the same orientations standards so for one it will works for others it will not …
I have software that uses Z for Y and vice versa.

Exactly… That was my point.

Different programs often switch orientation, so having revopoint do it wouldn’t necessary be that useful.

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If you have access to a CAD program that works with STL mesh files you pick several points on a scanned surface and create a plane. You can them orient the part to the global plane. Is time consuming and wish this could be done in thew RevoScan software.

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Hi, I believe that it would be very interesting to add a way to change the orientation, as other scanners ’ software do. Click on three points and say it’s a plane would also be great. It would make the scanner more interesting to draw parts over a scanned part in 3d software