Revoscan - is there a way for changing orientation of scans

Hi there,
as stated above: it would be nice if one could align the scans and save that alingnment. Because often you can’t put your objects on the TT as you want them standing afterwards…



Hi Daniel ,

The scans position are linked to their data for texturing , once the position change , there would be no way to texture mapping them correctly. This means no original fused point cloud or meshed scan can be moved from its original position .

Beside not all programs use the same directions in space so someone would still have wrong position , I use programs where one have Y for vertical and other have Z for vertical position

The only way you have is to virtually rotate them in the view until there would be a function that allows the final textured scans to be aligned manually to the desired position .

P.S the position of the object on TT do not determine the position of the scan , the position of the Scanner relative to the object on TT do . Since the original position of the scanner and it’s first scanned frame will lock in the original position of the object in space .

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Thanks for answering!