USB 3.0 extension?

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right area, but would it possible to use a 10’ USB 3.0 extension in line with the included cable when scanning to a PC?

I should have my scanner any day now and just want to get the accessories in line before it arrives.

I plan to scan mostly vehicle cabs and chassis so I will need the extra slack when working.

Remember you can also buy powered USB extension cables, they might work better ?
I have used one in the past with a different scanner.

Why not scanning with smartphone , then transfering data to pc for point cloud fusing, meshing etc?

Just wifi scanner to PC,
Works well.

I use 15ft extension to my PC , I use the mobile split cable ( included in the package) with 2 USB extension cables ( one USB A for power and one USBC for data ) , works perfect .


Oh that’s good to know!

I was under the impression scanning directly to PC would result in better FPS.

Also I heard people had issues with running out of memory.

I have a galaxy S23 plus

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I’ll have to try that.

Oh that’s great!!!

Any difference in fps scanning like that compared to scanning over wifi?

I never truly tested that theory on PC just using common sense , however I know I have less tracking issues compared with scanning via WiFi


Better tracking and faster processing time , mobile app will not deliver the quality model that the computer can .

Out of memory issue ? Never had that issue , no with 4GB, 6 GB or 8GB mobile scanning , on my PC I use 64GB and sometimes half of it is used .

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