USB 3.0 extension

My Revopoint3D works fine, however the USB 3.0 cable is not long enough. I have bought a USB 3.0 extension and it does not detect the Scanner, then I have bought an amplified USB 3.0 cable and it doesn’t work either. Is this cable not correct? What should I do to have more cable length with my Desktop?


Hey Cassie, any ideas? Thx!

I use an extension. A lot of the time they can be hit an miss. Usually the best ones are the heavy duty cables which drop less voltage/current over the length. 5 metres is a bit long to be fair, data will have no probs but you’ll loose voltage at only 5V with that length.

I took a look at an English version of a similar product. It draws its power from the USB port at the other end of the 5 meter cable, so the current drain could cause too much of a voltage drop for the amplifier to work.

It is also possible that the USB port providing the power isn’t suitable for this application. Have you verified performance with a shorter cable?

Also, unless you need Marker mode, you’d probably be better off using a Hotspot because a 5 meter cable is going to get stepped on and kinked, damaging its long-term viability.

The POP 2 can use 5GHz Hotspots; I don’t know if Marker mode will be allowed for that higher-speed connection.

Hi @osado @ivan ,

The explanation from @JonHimself is correct. I discussed this with our engineer. They think this cable you bought has LED and other features which drop the voltage/current. If you need an extension, you should choose a simple one (like below) that doesn’t have many additional features.


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Hi Cassie and friends.

A cable similar to the one you suggest is the first one I tried, 3 m. That I bought and connects intermittently.

I think I have found a possible solution for the voltage drop:
" I connect a 3m USB 3.0 cable. from the Desktop to a USB 3.0 Hub with external power and then I connect the scanner to the Hub with its original cable and at the moment the connection between the scanner and the desktop is not lost."

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