Phone or laptop? Wired or wifi? What gives best results?

Hi all,

I have made different tests, and I found that the phone gives worse results, in terms of tracking and final mesh (My phone has 16gb of RAM, so it shouldn’t have problems, also has Snapdragon865 processor). I know this depends largely on the phone model, but I guess that the differences between Android app and laptop software will create different results.
Have you noticed the same?

Also, when using a laptop, do you guys notice any difference between using the cables or connecting through wifi? In my case, I don’t see any. You can even argue that wifi is better because you have more freedom to move and your hand is more stable.

What are your thoughts?

I’ve used all 3 - using wifi last night for the first time. Surprisingly, I found WIFI connection was the best as far as FPS. I’ve used android application and its fine but not great for merging/editing. If I use it - I would only use it to collect data and then do data processing on a laptop/workstation at a later time.

I think USB connection is very dependent on USB controller and you must use USB 3.0 (If I recall correctly) otherwise you may have connection issues.

  • USB: 7-9 FPS and after 1-2 hours of use 4-6 FPS (Not sure why)
  • WIFI - PC: consistently 12+ FPS, however, can hang/freeze temporarily upon scan initialization.
  • WIFI - Android: Untested

Device: POP2

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Thanks for this information - I will test this now as well…

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On my PC no matter WiFi-USB around 12FPS in Features mode , same on my Android Phone 6GB Ram .
However on my Win11 Dell latitude laptop I am experiencing lately lag in FPS , it depends of the day but yesterday it was very low via WiFI and only 7FPS , normally it is around 10FPS , so I would say there is difference between PC and laptop and the speed has nothing to do with the device .

POP2 and MINI between 10-12 FPS on most devices …

I would say I prefer to scan big objects with Range using my android phone 6GB than using my Win11 16GB tablet/PC but each system is different, so it is hard to find what really works best … in my case scanning on my PC works best with all devices .

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